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12 04, 2016

Are We Relying On Technology Too Much?

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We use our smart phones on a daily basis, in this technological era they are what keep us going throughout the day. Smart phones are what wake us up in the morning with the alarm we set and keep us organised with our calendars which are synced to our tablets and computers and even social media accounts […]

6 04, 2016

Bring your Photos Back to Life

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Photos with Precious Memories
Over time precious photos may become damaged and unlike today, where we have digital copies and several backups, there is no way to print those older photos out again due to the original camera film going missing or also becoming damaged with time. Photos can be endlessly handled, by travelling across […]

1 04, 2016

The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes 2016

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Olivia Colman to Become the Next James Bond

The BBC Announce that VHS is Making a Return
The BBC Store has announced today that “for every purchase you make on BBC Store, we will send you a free VHS straight to your door.” 

This will be great news for those that still own a VHS player, who are […]

29 03, 2016

iPhone SE Available from 31st March 2016

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The latest technology news is out and has got us all talking at MGT Design. The latest iPhone; the iPhone SE is set to be released and available for purchase from the 31st March 2016. The idea of the iPhone SE is to make a smart phone of a more popular and desirable size which will […]

18 03, 2016

Checkout On Amazon With A Selfie

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Selfies are a growing term in technology today. Selfies are popular to many smart phone users, you can snap a selfie to show what you are doing, where in the world you are and who you are with. So how much further can we go with our selfie pictures? The latest news has revealed […]

17 03, 2016

PlayStation VR Launching October 2016

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The PlayStation VR
The Sony PlayStation VR is made to work with the PlayStation 4, so that users can experience gaming on a completely new level, letting users climb into the game and make them feel as though they are actually there inside the game itself in a whole new 3D experience.

The Headset
The PlayStation VR headset is made […]

8 01, 2016

Twitter To Remove 140 Character Limit

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The latest social media news that has got everyone talking is that Twitter are to remove the 140 character limit on Tweets that are posted out on Twitter and that users could make Tweets with up to 10,000 characters which is around about 2,000 words. So far this has received many negative reviews as […]

11 12, 2015

Smart Wi-Fi Pavements

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Technology is growing every day and every year something new is developed. It has been recently revealed that Chesham, in Buckinghamshire, is to be home to the UK’s first Smart Wi-Fi Pavements provided by Virgin Media. Virgin Media hopes to provide an ultrafast network due to customer demand and is investing in this project to hopefully […]