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18 09, 2015

Google Evolves With a New Logo

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Google started out in 1998 as an Internet search engine provider, supplying useful search results. Over the years Google has evolved into so much more than just a search engine and has today become something we rely on using on a daily basis whether it is for business or pleasure. If there is something we want […]

14 07, 2015

Apple Pay Launched in the UK

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When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both released in September 2014, Apple also launched a new service; Apple Pay. This is so that users could start to use their phone to make contactless payments. Apple Pay can also be used with the Apple Watch which was revealed at the same time as the iPhone […]

14 07, 2015

Save the Fox Hunting Ban

By |UK News|

The latest news on the government changing the laws on fox hunting has been put on hold until the Autumn as the Scottish National Party have decided to vote against fox hunting and to keep the ban. The government is also up against many MP’s which have also voted against the repeal of the Hunting […]

9 07, 2015

Amazon Prime Now Delivers To London

By |Smart Phone Apps, Technology|

Amazon Prime Now
Amazon have been working on improving their delivery service and have been trialling the Amazon Prime Now delivery service in the USA making it currently available to customers living in select areas of Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Miami and New York City. Amazon are now offering the Amazon Prime Now delivery service for the first time outside the […]

26 06, 2015

The MGT Design Guide to Glastonbury 2015

By |Culture, Seasonal, Technology|

Festival Season is finally here. At MGT Design we have put together an essential 10 tip guide to surviving Glastonbury come rain or shine. We are hoping that the sun stays out and the wellies can stay dry inside the tent, but with the British weather you never know what each day will bring.

Weather […]

28 05, 2015

The Google Buy Button & TrueView

By |Technology|

Each week there are new types of technology introduced as we are living in the digital world. Different companies are introducing new ways to make life easier for the consumer. Amazon are trialling a new delivery system for Amazon Prime customers with the Amazon Prime Air delivery service, which offers a more efficient delivery. Apple are […]

22 04, 2015

Smart Devices Causing Health Problems

By |Smart Devices, Smart Phones|

We are currently in a world which evolves around technology, where every week there is a new product, service or App which we want to test. Technology is something which will never stop growing. In our job roles many of us sit in an office at a desk working on a computer all day long. We […]

18 03, 2015

The Benefits of Mobile Responsive Websites

By |Website Design|

Smart phones and tablets are being used much more for everyday use due to how easy they are to transport around with you and how easily accessible they are. Many of us will choose to look at a website on a smart phone or a tablet because they load up much quicker than a computer or a laptop. […]