November 2017

The 2017 Christmas Adverts Are Here!

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Can you believe another year has flown by and suddenly all the Christmas adverts are being released one by one. It definitely gets earlier and earlier each year that goes by. Again the battle for the best Christmas advert begins. Will John Lewis’ Moz the Monster be eating up the stockings this year or will […]

MGT Design’s Collection of 2016 Christmas Adverts

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Welcome to this years collection of Christmas Adverts for 2016. At MGT Design we love an emotional Christmas advert to pull at the heartstrings and make you realise what Christmas is all about. Our favourites this year are both the John Lewis and Waitrose adverts along with the M&S advert about Mrs Claus.
Aldi – […]

The Fake John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

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With the lead up to Christmas each year, Christmas television adverts have become a popular media platform. With the slow release of Christmas adverts this year some don’t want the suspense of waiting to see the advert on the television and instead use YouTube and the Internet to search for various Christmas adverts.

As always John Lewis’ […]

The Power Of The Christmas Advert 2015

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Television adverts can be annoying throughout the year getting in the way of our favourite soaps, films and dramas that are shown on the television, however at Christmas time we have a different view towards adverts and go out of our way to make sure we see them as soon they are released. The Internet […]

Northampton Christmas News 2014

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As Christmas approaches, with just five weeks to go, why not get involved with all the festivities that Northampton has to offer. At MGT Design we have put together the latest news for the Northampton Christmas season. Have a look and see which festivity takes your fancy.
Northampton Christmas Lights – Thursday 20th November 2014
The Northampton […]

Band Aid 30 – Do They Know It’s Christmas? 2014

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30 years on from the original release of Do They Know It’s Christmas? 1984, Band Aid have released their 4th version of the song. Originally Band Aid released the song to raise money towards the poverty in Ethiopia, Africa. For the 30th Anniversary of Band Aid, we have put together the collection of all […]

John Lewis Christmas Advert – #MontyThePenguin

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John Lewis each year bring an exciting advert. They like to attract their customers with emotional marketing and something that is always connected to being at home at Christmas, being with family, friends and your loved ones. This year the John Lewis advert introduces us to Monty the Penguin, a companion to a young boy. […]

The Story Behind the Tesco Christmas Advert

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The Wigan Light Show

The 2014 Christmas advert from Tesco shows the power of social media and the impact that it can have. In 2013 a Wigan resident, Claire Hannah, got in contact with Tesco on Twitter and Tweeted her disappointment that her local Tesco supermarket didn’t have a Christmas hat on the Tesco sign. […]