Smart Phones

March 2016

iPhone SE Available from 31st March 2016

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The latest technology news is out and has got us all talking at MGT Design. The latest iPhone; the iPhone SE is set to be released and available for purchase from the 31st March 2016. The idea of the iPhone SE is to make a smart phone of a more popular and desirable size which will […]

PlayStation VR Launching October 2016

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The PlayStation VR
The Sony PlayStation VR is made to work with the PlayStation 4, so that users can experience gaming on a completely new level, letting users climb into the game and make them feel as though they are actually there inside the game itself in a whole new 3D experience.

The Headset
The PlayStation VR headset is made […]

November 2015

Say Hello To A 3D World With Google Cardboard

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What Is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is the latest invention from Google. Google Cardboard is a simple way to work alongside smart phones and Apps to create a virtual 3D world for the user. Various Apps can be downloaded to work with Google Cardboard to provide the user with a new experience.
Using Apps With Google […]

October 2015

How ‘Phubbing’ with Smart Phones is Ruining Relationships

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What is ‘Phubbing’?
‘Phubbing’ is a term to describe paying attention to your phone rather than paying attention to your partner. The word has been made up by mixing the words phone and snubbing (ignoring) together to make the word ‘phubbing’. So many people may think what they are doing is okay but it is time […]

July 2015

Apple Pay Launched in the UK

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When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both released in September 2014, Apple also launched a new service; Apple Pay. This is so that users could start to use their phone to make contactless payments. Apple Pay can also be used with the Apple Watch which was revealed at the same time as the iPhone […]

April 2015

Smart Devices Causing Health Problems

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We are currently in a world which evolves around technology, where every week there is a new product, service or App which we want to test. Technology is something which will never stop growing. In our job roles many of us sit in an office at a desk working on a computer all day long. We […]

January 2015

Battery Life of Smart Phones

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Smart Phone Evolution
Smart phones are used for so much more than the original purpose of a mobile phone. A smart phone is a daily necessity for most of us. We use our smart phones for both personal use and for business. We use it to not just make calls and send messages but we […]

November 2014

Scan as you Shop – The Latest Way to Shop

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Tesco supermarket has introduced a new way for their customers to shop; Scan as you Shop. As the customer enters the supermarket the customer can pick up a scanning device. They can collect a shopping trolly and go around with the scanner as scan as they shop. This means that they can simply place […]