MGT Design offer an organic link building services complying with search engine guidelines. Building link popularity is the most difficult and time consuming process of search engine optimisation (SEO) because it takes time to ask owners of similar websites to link back to your site but it is essential for keyword ranking. We have a team of link builders and a list of resources we can use to get keyword rich links back to your website from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 4. Sometimes a website link could have more power on a Page Rank 0 site than a PR2 site if the theme closer to the keyword or your own website, we do our bst to give you the best possible links back to your website.

We abide by the following link quality guidelines to ensure that you not only get the best out of your anchor links.

We will provide anchor text links to your chosen domain with your chosen keywords from a Page Rank 0 – Page Rank 4.

  • Link with different title or anchor text.
  • Links from relevant theme or topic pages.
  • Links on genuine websites with good web design and navigation
  • Links come from different locations on the linking pages.
  • Links are placed with a gradual natural increase
  • Links are placed from pages with a varied PR value
  • Links not come from pages that links to bad neighborhood
  • Links come from both old trusted as well as new sites (better mix)
  • Links will not have paid linking footprints around them Words such as sponsors, advertisement
  • Links come from pages with the same language.
  • Links are permanent
  • All Google Cached Links

We say ”NO” to the following link building methods

  • Links through “redirect” scripts
  • JavaScript links
  • Links from “framed” pages
  • “Flash” embedded links
  • robots.txt excluded link pages
  • Robots Tag excluded link pages
  • No paid or time-bound links
  • Links from Link Farms
  • Links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks
  • Links from pornographic and other sites containing offensive content
  • Links from fake PR pages
  • Links from clocked pages