Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the term used for getting noticed on all major search engines for your chosen keywords or key phrases to get the relevant traffic you are after to view your website. Onsite optimisation should be the first step of any SEO campaign.

Onsite Optimisation is very important as this is your Canvas to tell Google or any other Search Engine, there are many factors to do this:

  • Making sure your keyword selection is right. MGT Design will research the keywords best suited to your business, with the understanding some keywords will be unachievable to reach page 1. If 10 companies have had SEO for the same keyword for the past 3 years then no one else really has a chance to beat those websites off page 1 if they have not had any Search Engine Optimisation on their website, this is not always the case but we have to be honest with the client and would not promise a 6 month campaign to then turn around after 6 months to say this is unachievable.
  • The correct source code. MGT Design have spent years researching the best way to write the website code and use of titles and meta data in each page. We also use the correct tags when building internal links and we use ‘no follow’ links when linking externally to keep your link juice within your website.
  • Creating extra content. Search Engines are like sponges so the more information you can throw at it, the more your website and relevant keywords sink in to the search engine sponge. MGT Design research content relevant to your chosen keywords and keywords Google associate with your chosen keywords. We can then add extra pages or extra text to your current web design to back up your keywords.

SEO is a long term investment and MGT Design have the experience and knowledge to make it work for you. Unlike many other SEO companies we have full web coding knowledge so as well as the important link building we offer, we also offer onsite optimisation.