Showcase your company with a video

One of the best ways to promote your business is through video. You can showcase your latest products and services which your company has to offer by having a video embedded into your web design, to give your customers a multi media visual experience to view what you have to offer, with the latest in web technologies with servers getting faster, broadband services speeding up, what better way to show this than on the web, on your very own website. The Internet and television services are already merging with the likes of Internet television channels, iplayer and game consoles. With a website and web tv you can have your very own “on demand” TV channel.

Our video production services are suitable for any business. From huge advertising campaigns, to in-house training videos, interviews and website introductions. Our video production team guarantee to deliver a professional video produced with creativity in mind to engage your existing customers and potential new customers using great cuts and animation techniques. You can summarise in just a short space of time your whole company without someone having to read your whole website. With a web video on your homepage you can guide your customers through your website to send them in the right direction – the two click process.

Video Production Northampton

At MGT Design, we film all of our videos in high definition (HD) to meet the highest quality standards and we can offer the final cut in as many formats as you like for DVD, Blueray, web video – suitable for social media websites such as YouTube and Vimeo where you can also add it to your very own website and in a format for Smart phones such as MP4 for the iPhone, all videos can be branded to your corporate identity and web design.

Contact MGT Design if you are looking for a film to be made, we can film:

  • Web TV
  • Music videos
  • Live events
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Company show reels
  • Video production

Web video is a tool which is really starting to kick off, stay ahead of your competitors with today before having a video on your website becomes as common as having your social media buttons on your website.