MGT Design like to be constantly on the ball with the latest technology. This is why the technology behind our website design constantly changes. In recent years we have made sure that all of our websites are compatible with smart phones, to do this we have started using more javascript rather than flash so animated menus and slideshows will display on smart phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, web TVs and game consoles. We also make sure the websites are designed to a certain width so they will fit on a portrait screen and a widescreen. All of the websites that we produce are also mobile responsive, therefore they will automatically reduce to the correct size of screen that they are being viewed on, whether it be a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop.

With the knowledge that we have gained over the past few years, we can now use our advantage to produce mobile apps, which are  submitted to the iTunes app store and Google Play store. We focus mainly on Apple and Android devices. When designing a mobile app, we have to look at it in a completely different way to designing a website. We have to take into consideration features such as the touch screen and limited memory size, plus we have to future proof the apps so they will work with future releases of software updates for iOS iPhone Apps, iPad Apps and Android Apps and also make sure that they are backwards compatible, meaning that they will also run on previous types of software, for those customers that may have not updated their software or are using an older smart phone. An example for this would be someone still using an iPhone 5s, when the iPhone 7 is running on the very latest software, the iPhone 5s will be running on an older iOs, therefore apps that we create must still run on older models of smart phones.



Mobile Apps Northampton

If you are interested in having a mobile app designed and developed for your business then please contact MGT Design today. Our in-house Northampton Mobile Developer will discuss your needs and wants from the app and then we will start the process of designing your mobile app. Once you are happy with how the design looks and approve of it, we will start the development process. Once the development stage of your mobile app has been completed we can register your personal smart phone to accept a developers version of the app so you can test it for yourself. Once you are happy we will submit the app to the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store for approval. MGT Design are happy to either host the app with our own developers Apple and Google Play accounts, or we can help you set up your own account with Apple and Google Play to keep it more in-house.