Project Description

Have you ever noticed or do you remember never matter how good a present on a Birthday or at Christmas the box will always become played with. I remember receiving toy cars and the box would always end up as a garage. Or we would get a new TV and the box would become a Boat!

That is because children want to explore and create their own fun, rather than playing with a commercial toy where they can not use their imagination in the same way. This is what Cardboard City Toys have researched and now provide Childrens Toys where the box is the gift. Pre Cut cardboard boxes which slot together come as a blank Canvas for Children to create their own world. From Cars to Planes and Palaces to Castles there is something for every child.




Mobile Resposive Ecommerce

Cardboard City Toys is run by a group of parents who are committed to finding unique toy ideas for children. They approached MGT Design with their new products and wanted a Responsive E-commerce website to sell a small catalogue of products. It was important the website was mobile responsive as these products are marketed to parents who might not have a great deal of time on their hands but could order when waiting to pick their child up from school, as this is the sort of product that will market itself with Parents talking before and after school.