Project Description


Creative Telemarketing is a company which provides telemarketing services across many different sectors and business types. To stand out as a company, at MGT Design, we believe that starts with having a website which stands out above the rest and above other competitors in the same line of business.

A company which has the word “Creative” in its title has to have a creative website. We were approached by Creative Telemarketing and we were asked to come up with an idea for them. This idea was “We Kiss All The Frogs”. From this we were able to create the branding around this with a frog. The website turned into a fantasy website and even including its own story book for the “Meet the Team page”.



Striking Ideas

Fairy tales, princesses and princes were discussed in our first meeting with Creative Telemarketing when deciding on ideas. Together we came up with a magical theme for the new website, providing fantasy and mystery to each section of the site. The outcome was “We Kiss All The Frogs” meaning Creative Telemarketing turn all frogs into princes.


Making Wishes Come True

We helped make wishes come true for Creative Telemarketing by working closely together to give them exactly what they wanted. The Build a Campaign section of the website required building a bespoke system to the website so that users could build a unique campaign which could then be provided by Creative Telemarketing to the client. 


Pulling Ideas Out the Hat!

Carrying on with the fantasy theme for Creative Telemarketing we created a storybook for the meet the team page, placing each team member inside a magical scene to fit in with the rest of the website. The fantasy feel of the website will provide the user with a unique customer experience when choosing a service. 


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