MGT Design have the experience and knowledge to design and build a web portal to your exact specification. A web portal or public portal refers to a Website or service that offers an array of options to connect people to such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Forums, Search Engines and ecommerce from eBay to Amazon. The first Web portals were online services, such as AOL, that provided access to the Web, then other search engines started and have now become huge webportals. With Google for example you can manage your whole life and business from sharing documents, checking email, viewing your Google Analytics web stats, manage your Google Adwords marketing, the list goes on..

How we can help you with your web portal

MGT Design will have an initial meeting to discuss your web portal. Once we have an understanding of how it you want it to work we will design a wireframe. Alongside this we can work on your branding if it is a new business, or product. Once the wireframe and design has been signed off we will develop the web portal.

Web portals for Mobile Apps CMS

With our experience in Mobile Apps for iPhones, iPads and Android Devices we can produce apps with a web based admin system. This gives you the ability to update your App through an online web portal. This saves costs having to give changes to a mobile app developer each time, giving your more control on adding and editing content on your mobile app.