Black Friday Deals have started early this year with many retailers starting their offers up to a whole week before Black Friday on the 27th November 2015.  MGT Design look into the history of Black Friday and the reason why so many retailers take this opportunity to have so many special offers to tempt customers with.

The History Behind Black Friday

Black Friday always falls on the Friday which follows Thanksgiving Day. Every Friday which followed Thanksgiving there would always be a huge amount of traffic on the roads in America with people going back to work or going back home for the weekend after visiting family and friends. This is where Black Friday first got its name. In America many would have the Friday, which followed Thanksgiving, as a day off and would be given a four day weekend. It was at this time that many would use this as an opportunity to shop for Christmas. Retailers then took to using this time to have special offers to increase sales and also named it Black Friday as it was the time of year that they would come out of the “red” and go into the “black” by making profits for the financial year.

Black Friday and Retailers

Over the years Black Friday has become one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many shoppers will hold off buying anything big and will wait until Black Friday comes around to, hopefully, get it reduced. Black Friday has made the News where customers have fought over items such as TV’s and electrical items in store and will make sure that they are waiting outside the store ready for it to open so that they don’t miss a bargain. This year many retailers have started their Black Friday offers early, starting them up to a week before the event.


Black Friday and Payday

Black Friday falls on the same day as Payday for many employees in the UK which are paid on the last Friday of the month. This means that for those that are paid on this day that most of their money will be spent straight away on many bargains. This is also the last payday before Christmas which means it is the last chance to make the most of the special offers and get everything they need for Christmas time whether is be festive decorations for the home or last minute Christmas presents.

Black Friday and Christmas

The reason Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping events of the year is that many shoppers use Black Friday as a way to get last minute Christmas presents and it is a chance to save some money because lets face it we all love a bargain! Amazon have a mixture of deals for Black Friday from clothing to films and music. Other retailers such as M&S have offers across many departments choosing a certain amount of products to have up to 50% off from Christmas jumpers to bedding and gifts.

Black Friday Advice

Our advice to you at MGT Design is to not become so overwhelmed by the Black Friday deals and to only purchase items that were already on your Christmas shopping list, otherwise you are being tempted into buying more than you were planning to and that way the retailer is benefiting from the deal rather than you.