Marketing is an essential tool to any business. A marketing strategy is a business’s overall plan to promote their products or services to consumers and help turn them into customers. A clear marketing strategy should demonstrate what the company stands for, how the business operates, the business’s core values, demographics of the target customer and key brand messaging.

At MGT Design we can help support you with your marketing strategy and future marketing plans. We take many different steps for marketing, to make sure that your website and your marketing tools will target the correct audience of customers to suit your business and brand. With our expertise the first thing that we do is make sure that your website is going to attract your target audience. We will look at the user interface of your website and make sure that it is easy for your customers to use and navigate through the website. All of our websites are mobiles responsive, meaning that customers using your website on a smart phone will still be able to view everything correctly. Once we have created a suitable website for you, we can then look at your marketing plans. At MGT Design we have found that marketing through social media can be one of the best forms of marketing. We offer social media marketing packages where we can look after your marketing through this channel. The most important thing to do is to work out which form of marketing suits your business and the products and services that you provide and then use this to your advantage.

The Four P’s of Marketing

To create an effective marketing strategy for your business it is important to combine the four p’s of the marketing mix. A marketing mix helps make sure that you are offering customers the right product, at the right time, in the right place and for the right price.

  • Product. Understanding your product and the goods or services you are providing is key. You want to make sure that this product is something your customers want, is of a certain quality and will be something that creates repeat custom.

  • Price. Price is important to get right, a cheaper price can make the product more accessible but a higher price will attract those who seek exclusivity and a product of a certain quality.

  • Place. As a business it is important to understand the best place to sell your products. Could this be in a physical location for your customers to visit you or online or both? You want to think about your target audience and where they will easily find you.

  • Promotion. How you promote your business is important to reach your target audience. Promotion is made up of what is being promoted, who is is being promoted to, how you are reaching that target audience and how often you are promoting your goods or services.

Marketing Plans

Marketing your business the right way is important to ensure that you are reaching out to your correct target audience. At MGT Design we will research who your customers are and will decide what marketing channel we think is best to reach your target audience. We will research your business with the products or services you provide, then we look at any competition to get an idea of what sort of marketing they do and use this to help market your business. We look into previous marketing that you may of done and have a look at what has worked and what hasn’t worked for your business.

Business Evolution

At MGT Design, we like to see businesses evolve from starting out to finally reaching where they want to be. We help businesses grow by creating products for them such as a new website design, mobile apps and marketing material, then we help them along the way to being a great success. We provide an extensive amount of services and help businesses in certain areas of weakness. Marketing is one service that we provide and use to help businesses succeed in this competitive world.

Marketing Northampton

If you would like to discuss your business marketing needs then feel free to get in touch to arrange a face to face meeting at our studio at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire. We are close to Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering and Milton Keynes if visiting by car. We are only 45 minutes from Birmingham and 60 minutes from London if visiting by train and are close to both Northampton and Wellingborough train stations. Fancy flying in to see us? You can land your plane at Sywell Aerodrome and walk straight into our studio.