The online world is growing everyday and businesses can use this to their advantage and take hold of every opportunity out there. Businesses can now use different digital platforms to market themselves on, by using either one or all of them. These platforms include websites, mobile apps and social media sites. For a business to maximise themselves it is best to use all platforms available to them, to reach out to as many people as possible.



Over the years ,websites have been something that most businesses have decided to have as a way of customers being able to visit them to see what they are about, to see what products or services they provide and to also have important information on. Websites can contain lots of important information about a company. Websites are a way to display all the different products or services that the company provides. It is another way for companies to reach to customers and give them the ability to shop online through an e-commerce website. Websites can also contain blogs with the latest news and information for customers to read. Then customers can use websites to contact the company through by using online forms usually in the contact section. Companies can then collect information such as email addresses and phone numbers, which customers input into the website.

Mobile Responsive Websites

The next step to having a website is for businesses to have a mobile responsive website. This means that the website will suit the device that it is being viewed on. A mobile responsive website makes it easier for customers to view your website, whilst using their smart phone or tablet. Customers can see larger and clearer images and are able to view the product information more easily. When a website isn’t mobile responsive it makes it more difficult for customers with products looking very small and blurry to see. Customers also have to keep zooming in to the items they wish to look at and the overall buying process isn’t as simple as when the website is mobile responsive.

Mobile Apps


As the smart phone has evolved, along with other smart devices such as the tablet, apps are becoming more popular therefore more businesses are investing in their very own unique app. Having an app shows that you are keeping up with modern technology and keeping up with the times and the latest trends. Having an app also markets your business as it can be found in the iTunes or the Google Play store.

With mobile apps there are also different platforms, this is so that your mobile app is compatible on the majority of smart phones. Different smart phones use different platforms, so to maximise your marketing it is best that you have an app developed that can be accessed on both iOs and Android devices.


iOS is the platform for Apple based products such as the iPhone, iPod and the iPad. iOS is solely for Apple products, therefore when you have an iOS app developed you know that it will be for Apple products only. When developing an iOS app it is important that the app will work on all previous forms of iOS for older models of the smart device.


Android is the platform for various smart device manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Google which make devices such as phones and tablets. Android is broader therefore may reach more customers, as you are having an app developed that will be used on more phones and tablets. However Apple has fortunately been the popular smart phone to have and have always been on a constant battle with their competitor Samsung.

Having an app is an important marketing tool, as customers can choose to download your app and then may receive push notifications where you can market your latest products or offers, which your customers will receive as a notification.

Social Media


Social media is a digital marketing platform that is great for businesses to get involved with. Social media is something that is free and easy to use. Social media can be a great way to market to all of your customers and to reach out to them with what you would like to offer. Social media sites allow you to spread the word to your followers about what products and services you provide and also what special offers you may have.

The great thing about marketing on social media is that a lot of the time you can get your customers to market certain items for you. You can get your customers to retweet pictures of your latest products on Twitter and then share offers and promotions on Twitter. You can have customers take pictures of the food that they have received in your restaurant or pictures of themselves wearing the latest dress that they have bought from your shop. This is then seen by the customers friends, family and followers and can also be shared by them. This is where your marketing goes viral and can be sent and viewed anywhere across the world.

Portable Access


The great thing about having your business online is that it can be reached to your customer wherever they may be, as the internet is world wide. As technology has developed more people are able to access the Internet on a smart device such as a phone or a tablet, whether this is through Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or 5G. This is along with using the internet on a computer or a laptop. The great thing about being able to get onto the Internet through so many different ways is that this increases the chance of your website or your app being looked at as there is more of an opportunity to do so. People can now access the internet whilst they are on the move. If they are traveling on the train to work or using the tube in London or just simply using their phone whilst walking around people can access emails, social media sites and e-commerce sites they may wish to look at. People can also access the internet whilst they are abroad on holiday or working over seas.

In marketing take every opportunity as you can and make sure that you use every platform and marketing channel available to you. Today it seems that the best way to go is to use digital marketing and market through the online world. This is where your customers are. All you have to do is take one look around you and see how everyone is glued to their smart phone or tablet. Get into the social media world as this is the way forward for marketing and let your information go viral.