Smart Phone Addiction

We use our smart phones on a daily basis, in this technological era they are what keep us going throughout the day. Smart phones are what wake us up in the morning with the alarm we set and keep us organised with our calendars which are synced to our tablets and computers and even social media accounts so that we never miss an important event. If we want to know something then we are straight onto our smart phones, either asking Siri the question or ‘Googling’ the topic. It could be said that we are now relying on our smart phones and technology too much and that we need to start thinking for ourselves otherwise what use is our brain to us?

It is great that technology has advanced to this stage, however it is about time that we take a step back and think about enjoying the old style of life as technology is taking over so much so that we are forgetting what is important in life. If Facebook wasn’t working, the whole social media world goes into panic that they can’t post that all important status and taking the news to Twitter to spread the word that Facebook is not working. Then if the internet goes down, everyone starts to panic about how they are going to go the day without being able to shop online, use social media or stay up to date with the news. If we used to survive without the internet then we can survive without it for a day.

At Work

At work technology is what helps us throughout the day, we use computers for office jobs and we use computers in the form of an EPOS system in retail stores. No matter where we are, we have got to the stage where we need to use computers, but how much do we really need to use them? The internet is so easily accessible that we choose to use the internet to search for certain things instead of using our brains, which can result in us becoming more forgetful in the future. All the educational qualifications we have achieved throughout our lives such as going to College or University should not go to waste and we should be using our knowledge in the workplace instead of relying solely on Google.

Out and About

The smart phone is like an extension to most peoples hands. You are probably used to being bumped into whilst walking around your local town with so many other shoppers staring down at their phone, not looking at where they are going. You may be out with friends and instead of those friends taking an interest in you they are checking WhatsApp and Facebook for the latest news, you have to ask what the world has come to. People constantly want to stay up to date socially snapping away at what they are doing and sending photos to friends through Snapchat or Instagram along with many other social media accounts. It is time that we put away our smart phones and start enjoying what is around us instead.

At Home

We have previously talked about how smart phones are getting in the way of relationships and how ‘phubbing’ with smart phones is ruining relationships. You only have to take a look at numerous couples in restaurants to see that this is a real issue they are not talking each other, they are both looking down at their phones on social media either talking to other friends or even talking to each other but through the phone instead of face to face. It is a shame that at home family members are engrossed into the television, games or social media instead of enjoying the time spent together.


It is time to de-digitalise! We rely on technology and smart phones so much that we are forgetting how to live like we used to. It has become an addiction that when there are times we have to switch off our phones such as in the cinema, the first thing that we are doing is checking what we have missed as soon as the film has ended. Once you log into one of your social media accounts suddenly half the day could of flown passed and this is half a day you have now lost. People go into a panic when they lose signal or can’t access the internet, but if only there was a time that the signal did go down so that people could learn to communicate with each other again in the old fashioned way of spending time together and talking.