The latest news reveals that Facebook will soon introduce a “Dislike” button after Facebook users have requested this option for several years. Many Facebook users will post statues or news pieces where some people do not feel comfortable clicking “Like” against that particular post and instead would want to “Dislike” it. Mark Zuckerber, the founder of Facebook, said the new “Dislike” button will be a way for people to show empathy towards a post for example if someone was to put a status up that they were feeling poorly or that their pet had just passed away then their friends could “Dislike” that status instead of “Like” it.

Mixed Views

There are many different views towards the “Dislike” button. Many feel that it will be good to introduce a button you can use to say you dislike a post, especially if it is about something negative or upsetting, however some also feel that it will cause upset as users could end up disliking other users photos and positive posts which may cause upset between users. It could also knock the confidence of various users especially if they are not a confident person. Many users like to express themselves through social media with frequents posts about their daily life and posting pictures up of themselves. “Likes” will always boost your confidence and make you feel good, however “Dislikes” will knock that confidence and put you off using Facebook and other forms of social media.

Positive Views

The “Dislike” button will work better for those that post a status about the loss of a loved one or a status saying that they have been involved in a car accident. In these cases other friends and users will be able to “Dislike” the post which makes more sense than pressing “Like”. Users have asked for many years to have a “Dislike” button instead for times such as this as they have said it does not feel right to “Like” an upsetting post and they feel they need a way to show empathy to the other user. The “Dislike” button will also work if there are News posts about a tragedy in the country or somewhere else in the worlds. The “Dislike” button could also work for marketing if a company posts a picture of a new product, it is a good way to see how popular that product will be by comparing the “Likes” to the “Dislikes”.

Negative Views

Recent reports suggest that the Facebook “Dislike” button will cause trouble between teenagers that will use the “Dislike” button as a tool to bully other users online which will cause much upset and stress on the victim through this form of online bullying. Many children and teenagers who use social media and Facebook in particular usually judge themselves by the amount of “Likes” which they receive. If they start to receive “Dislikes” then this will only cause bullying online as well as at school or college where other friends may also bully them because of this.

Overall View

The overall view for the “Dislike” button is a positive one, otherwise Facebook would not be going ahead with installing it. An overall opinion cannot be made until it is properly tested by the public to see how everyone feels towards the “Dislike” button. If it does cause problems and cause virtual bullying then surely Facebook will remove the “Dislike” button and replace it with something else instead. It is only rumoured to be a “Dislike” button, we have to see wait to see what form of “Dislike” button Facebook choose to use.