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Exciting news for all of the gamers and PlayStation 4 users out there; the PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset, which has been spoken about for quite a while now, is due to be launched in October 2016. This is a bit later than originally expected, but this announcement will create much excitement to those that can either start saving up for it to buy in October, or to those eager gamers who can pre-order it today at £349.99 knowing they have secured their very own PlayStation VR to receive in several months time.
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The PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation VR is made to work with the PlayStation 4, so that users can experience gaming on a completely new level, letting users climb into the game and make them feel as though they are actually there inside the game itself in a whole new 3D experience.

The Headset

The PlayStation VR headset is made to suit all users. It is light in weight for comfort and is adjustable to fit all head sizes so that there are no limitations on who can play with the PlayStation VR.

Group Play

Share your gaming experiences with other PlayStation 4 users, friends and family. You can play along with other users or you can play against them. This will be a whole new world that you can share as an experience with others.

Sony Playstation 4

The PlayStation Playroom VR

On launch, PlayStation will provide users with the Playroom VR. The Playroom VR will be free to download from the PlayStation Store and will include six free games which users can enjoy playing to start getting used to PlayStation VR. This will be a great way to demonstrate how the PlayStation VR works and how it can create a great experience between users who can virtually interact with each other through this type of gaming.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets are the next step in technology for gaming. As we are aware of, the world is constantly evolving in terms of technology with constant development of smart phones, computing, televisions and cars amongst many other types of technology.

Back in November 2015 we spoke about Google Cardboard, a simple and easy way to create a virtual reality headset using a special cardboard kit and your very own smart phone. The Google Cardboard would allow you to travel the world with this easy to make VR headset.

Since the idea of Virtual Reality headsets came about, many companies have already started developing their own versions, and many are already available to purchase. After Facebook purchased Oculus, it was always the plan to change the way social media works. With the release of the Samsung Gear VR, which is powered by Oculus, the idea was to allow users to be able socially share your 3D experiences through Facebook.

Gaming Developers

With this latest technology news, over 230 developers will currently be preparing for the big launch and will be building all of the content for the games to be released in time for the launch of PlayStation Virtual Reality. It is expected that over 50 games will be available to purchase to work with the PS VR and that many more exciting games will follow shortly in the future.
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