Amazon is to trial a new form of delivery in the UK, with trials taking place in Cambridge. Amazon are going to test this new delivery service by using drones to deliver parcels to customers for a faster and more efficient service. Having drones deliver the parcels to customers means that Amazon will be able to offer a service which can offer delivery in just 30 minutes as an extension of their Amazon Prime delivery service and will be called Amazon Prime Air. Trials are currently being run in the USA and it is said that that Amazon Prime Air could be in service as early as next year, in 2015, if the trials are a success.

Amazon Prime Air Delivery


The world has become so Internet focused with an increase in the amount of online shopping that we do. Amazon is a successful huge online retailer which is constantly expanding in the products that it sells. Amazon was founded 20 years ago in 1994 and originally started out by just selling books, however now it sells almost anything from films, music, games and toys to clothes, beauty products and even boxes of chocolates. With the increase in shopping that we do, there needs to be an up to date form of delivery service, therefore Amazon are looking into new and efficient ways of getting orders delivered to customers. Amazon already offer a number of delivery services such as Free Super Saver Delivery, First Class and Next Day. The Amazon Prime Air will be able to deliver the item within the same day and could even be within the same hour that the customer orders the products that they want, as Amazon have said that they should be able to deliver the parcel to the customer within 30 minutes.

Amazon Prime


To benefit from the Amazon Air Prime delivery service you must be an Amazon Prime member. Any Amazon customer can become an Amazon Prime customer. Amazon offers a free trial of Amazon Prime and after the trial it will cost the customer just £79 per year, which works out at just over £6.50 per month. Currently as an Amazon Prime customer you are eligible for unlimited free One-Day Deliveries. You can have unlimited free access to Prime Instant Video which allows you to watch thousands of films and television episodes. You can also have free access to various Kindle titles as well as store your photographs for extra security and much more. Amazon Prime is perfect for those that want items delivered quickly and enjoy the benefits that Amazon Prime offers.

Amazon Prime Air Demonstration

[youtube id=”98BIu9dpwHU” width=”900″ height=”500″]

Amazon have released this video which demonstrates how Amazon Prime Air will work showing the drone pick up a parcel from the Amazon warehouse and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

Amazon Prime Air will be hugely popular with those customers that are in need of their items instantly for example last minute gifts for Christmas or books for University. The only issue is whether the Amazon Prime Air will be able to supply the demands that it receives, for example if the Amazon Prime Air could not deliver to the amount of people that wanted their item delivered that same day. 2015 should reveal whether the Amazon Prime Air is a success or a failure.