Amazon Prime Now

Amazon have been working on improving their delivery service and have been trialling the Amazon Prime Now delivery service in the USA making it currently available to customers living in select areas of Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Miami and New York City. Amazon are now offering the Amazon Prime Now delivery service for the first time outside the USA and are providing the service to those that live within Zone 1 of London.

Amazon Prime Now is available to Amazon customers that have signed up to the premium membership – Amazon Prime. Those that are members of Amazon Prime have always been eligible to Amazon Prime services such as the free next day delivery without needing to spend the £20 threshold.

With Amazon Prime Now customers must spend £20 for the even quicker service, however they do get a choice of either 1 hour delivery for £6.99 or free delivery within a chosen 2 hour time slot. Unless customers are in a hurry for that delivery, most customers will choose the 2 hour time slot so that it doesn’t cost them any more money and they benefit by receiving their product on the same day of ordering. Amazon offer delivery between 8am until Midnight that same day, giving the customer the choice of having their package delivered at work or at home. This is a great service for those customers who like to know the exact time of their delivery and they can make sure that they are there for the delivery instead of it being missed and having to go to the local Post Office to collect it.

The Amazon Prime Now App


To make shopping on Amazon even easier, there is also an Amazon Prime Now App which customers can download. The App lets Amazon Prime customers shop for the products that they wish to purchase using the quicker service. The customer can then checkout with their chosen items and from there can choose the delivery service they require. The App even allows customers to view a map so that the customer can watch the courier bringing the item to them. With this you can see exactly where the courier is and have an idea of how long they will be.

Amazon Prime


To benefit from the Amazon Prime Now delivery service you must be an Amazon Prime member. The Amazon Prime membership is currently on offer for £59, however usually costs £79 a year which costs just over £6.50 per month. As an Amazon Prime member you can benefit from many Amazon services such as One Day Delivery, the new Amazon Prime Now delivery service along with unlimited access to Prime Instant Video which is similar to Netflix and allows you to watch thousands of films and television series.  Amazon Prime also gives you online storage so that you can store photographs to keep them safe. Amazon are a great company to shop with for an efficient service at a reasonable cost. Amazon Prime customers benefit from an even quicker delivery service along with the products at a reasonable cost.

Amazon Prime Now Video

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