Each week there are new types of technology introduced as we are living in the digital world. Different companies are introducing new ways to make life easier for the consumer. Amazon are trialling a new delivery system for Amazon Prime customers with the Amazon Prime Air delivery service, which offers a more efficient delivery. Apple are always releasing new products and their latest product is the Apple Watch. Google are staying up to date by releasing products and services to compete with brands such as Amazon and Apple. Google have released smart phones and tablets and have recently opened up their very own shop within Currys PC World in London, so that customers can test how products and services work before buying, in a similar way to the Apple Store.

Google are now competing with online retailers such as Amazon and eBay in a bid to keep shoppers on Google without them having to leave Google to visit another site. Google are introducing a buy button so that customers can buy a product directly through Google. They are also introducing TrueView so that customers can also view products, which they have seen in a YouTube advert, in more detail directly through Google.

Google Buy Button


After news of the Google Shop opening up in London, recent news has revealed that Google will soon become a competitor to large online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. It is said that Google are to introduce a buy button so that Google searchers will be able to buy products that they find through Google without having to leave the website.

Google have said that the buy button will make it easier for online shoppers that are searching for something on Google.  A product may also appear in a Google advert and it is said that shoppers will be able to purchase through the advert without having to visit a different website or webpage. Google adverts may appear on other websites other than Google itself, however it will be through Google that shoppers are able to make the purchase.

Buying Through TrueView on YouTube


Google have also revealed that they will add TrueView to YouTube so that when people are watching videos and an advert comes up for a product or service, they are able to click the TrueView button to either find out more or to purchase what they have seen. Google have said that people will often see something on an advert and then will look on their smart phone, tablet or computer to research more about the product. Through Google’s TrueView customers are able to click on the advert they are viewing to find out more about the product or service. They will also have the option to purchase the product or service which they are interested in.

Benefits for the Shopper & Google

The Google buy button and TrueView will be a benefit to both the shopper and to Google. As much as it will benefit the customer with saving them more time without them having to leave Google, the new service will also benefit Google with the companies that choose to use this service. The Google buy button and TrueView will create more profit for Google. Google already make money from companies that choose to advertise through Google. If the Google buy button creates more sales for companies then Google will also benefit from shoppers buying what they want directly through Google.

We are in a world where technology benefits us in many ways. Google are using technology to make life easier for the customer. Instead of them having to go elsewhere to research the product which they have seen through an advert on YouTube, Google are keeping the customer in one place so that it is more convenient.