Festival Season is finally here. At MGT Design we have put together an essential 10 tip guide to surviving Glastonbury come rain or shine. We are hoping that the sun stays out and the wellies can stay dry inside the tent, but with the British weather you never know what each day will bring.

  1. Weather Essentials

    It is best to pack for all types of weather when going to any type of festival and Glastonbury is especially renowned for getting rather wet and muddy. Wellies, a pac a mac or poncho, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat should all be taken with you to Glastonbury.

  2. Tent and Sleeping Bag

    Don’t forget that all important tent and sleeping bag so that you have somewhere to sleep for at least a couple of hours at nighttime. You will also want a large tent as well, especially if you are sharing with friends as it will be your base for the whole weekend so it needs to be comfortable.

  3. Important Toiletties

    You have to prepare yourself for not being able to have a proper wash for the weekend of Glastonbury, so all you can do is try your best to stay clean. Hand gel is essential for carrying around with you. Also remember to pack face and body wipes so that you can at least attempt to clean yourself. Toothpaste and deodorant are also not to be forgotten and maybe a body spray so you can try and smell nice.

  4. Keep Valuables at Home

    There is nothing worse than worrying about what you are wearing or what you have taken to Glastonbury so the best thing to do is leave all valuables at home. Don’t wear your best clothes as they will more than likely be ruined by the weather and all the food and drink that you may spill down yourself.

  5. Save Your Battery

    As exciting as it may be, there is no point wasting your phone battery being on social media. You can share photos and stories when you get home. To save the battery life on your phone, close all Apps and turn off the Internet and use your phone just to keep in touch with those you are with and to send the odd text back home.

  6. Wipe the Dust from your Camera

    Using your camera to take photos will save a considerable amount of battery life on your phone. It is also nice to take pictures on a camera, the quality is usually better and makes a change from using your phone all the time. You can also use your camera for filming so that you can keep more of a record of the event.

  7. The EE Recharge Tent

    Look out for the EE Recharge Tent as this is where you can go if you need to charge your phone. EE have also been offering power bar’s for £25 so that you can keep your phone charged. Once the power has been used up you can swap your power bar for a new one which is fully charged. The EE Recharge Tent also offers free Wifi for those that want to connect with family and friends back home.

  8. Food for a Fiver

    Don’t miss out on getting your “food for a fiver”. With over 500 food outlets at Glastonbury festival, 300 of those have chosen to take part in the “food for a fiver” scheme. Look out for the sign and you could look after your money and grab yourself a bargain with a meal deal. An example of a meal deal would be a burger and a drink for just a fiver.

  9. Plan in Advance

    The best way to go to a music festival is plan in advance. Decide who you really want to see and note down what time they will be performing and which stage they will be at. The only problem with Glastonbury is the fact that they have several stages and there is always someone performing at each stage. There may be a time where you miss an artist perform because you are watching another, but most of the time they will put the post popular music artists on at different times giving you the chance to see all of them.

  10. Enjoy Yourself!

    The most important thing to do at Glastonbury is to not worry and to enjoy yourself. For some it is a once in a lifetime thing to do, whereas for others is is a yearly event. Whatever it is for you, make sure that you have a great time and make lots of amazing memories.