Technology is growing every day and every year something new is developed. It has been recently revealed that Chesham, in Buckinghamshire, is to be home to the UK’s first Smart Wi-Fi Pavements provided by Virgin Media. Virgin Media hopes to provide an ultrafast network due to customer demand and is investing in this project to hopefully provide Smart Pavements to more towns and cities across the UK.

Smart Pavements

Smart Wi-Fi Pavements will provide Chesham with Wi-Fi to over 21,000 local residents, businesses and visitors. The Smart Pavements allow those within the 80 metre radius to connect to the Wi-Fi for free and can download with speeds of up to 166Mbps which is faster than the average home broadband speed.

Most mobile phone contracts allow you to use only a certain amount of data each month with a set allowance, therefore many will refrain from using their data. Smart Pavements allow people to stay connected when they are out and about so that they can connect to the internet whenever they like. The Wi-Fi points are concealed under special manhole covers, pavements and lamp posts.

Smart Pavements are a great idea and something which every town and city could have in the near future. Wi-Fi allows everyone to stay connected, as today is all about social media and smart phones, so everyone can keep in touch. Everyone relies on their smart phone for both their work and personal life. People constantly need to check emails and some like to keep up to date with the news. Smart Pavements allow you do to this and to download and watch programmes whilst in a cafe enjoying your morning coffee.