With the development of smart phones and technology in general, most smart phones contain a front camera as well as a back camera. The reason for this was so that people could easily make video calls as you would be able to do so on a webcam on a computer. The front camera can also be used to take selfies as you are able to see yourself in the screen so you know what the picture will look like. This year selfies have become more popular and become more of a craze. There was the popular selfie taken by Bradley Cooper at the Oscars and then most recently a young boy took a selfie of himself with the Queen walking up towards him in the background, which also hit the news. Selfies are away of capturing a moment in time with you in the picture. A way of saying I was there, with that particular person or in that particular places. Selfies are taken with friends, family, special points of interest and with famous people if you are lucky enough to meet one!


Selfies are great to take on holiday to capture memories. It may be to remember where you stayed or it could be somewhere special that you visited such as New York or Rome. Selfies can then be sent back to friends and family to show them where you have been and what you have been up to.

City Trips

City trips and days out are perfect for taking selfies on. It is a way of capturing every moment of the day from where you go to such as a trip to London and selfies in front of The Big Ben, selfies with your food at where you went to eat and selfies at the theatre where you are about to see a show in the Westend.

At Work

Colleagues can have fun and take selfies at work. These can them be posted out on their social networking sites to show what a fun company they are. This can then be shared by friends and family which in return helps market the company.