Last night the Apple iPhone 6 was unveiled in California in a live event which could be watched online. Apple revealed that they are releasing the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. These two new phones got the world talking and social media was sharing the news as soon as it was released. The new iPhone 6 is much bigger than the iPhone 5s and 5c with the iPhone 6 plus being even bigger, targeting the market that want a larger phone. The larger phone is becoming increasingly more popular as the phone is being used as such a versatile device. Today people use their smart phone to not just make phone calls and send an SMS but to also send emails, use social media sites, use the Internet and use various Apps on the phone for both their personal life as well as for work. Pages and numbers are Apps which can be purchased for the iPhone 6, meaning people can use their phone for work purposes such as word documents and number spreadsheets.

Biggest iPhone Yet

It would appear that Apple have followed Samsung in the size of the new iPhone. The iPhone 6 is the biggest iPhone yet, with the iPhone 6 plus being even bigger. The iPhone 6 has also lost its squareness with the phone now being much more rounded rather than having boxed sides to the phone. The iPhone 6 is also the slimmest iPhone yet giving it a sleek new design, so even though the phone is big in size it is slim enough to put in your pocket or bag without it being too bulky.

On Trend

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The Apple iPhone has always been either black or white for choice of colours. It wasn’t until the 5c came out along with the 5s where Apple produced a huge range of different colours, with coloured phones ranging from yellow to green with the iPhone 5c and three simple colours of silver, gold and grey with the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 has stayed with the same popular colours of the iPhone 5c with Silver, Gold and Space Grey giving everyone the option of having the phone which they most prefer. As trends go it seems that females tend to go for the Silver/White iPhone and males would go for the darker Space Grey coloured iPhone.


Longer Life

Everyone will understand the problems they have faced with the battery life of their iPhone, needing to charge it up numerous times throughout the day. The trouble is smart phones are used much more than the mobile phone was ever used a few years ago. People use them constantly as the alarm clock in the morning to wake up, to email from whilst on the train commute to work and use whilst at work to make numerous calls throughout the day, so no wonder it doesn’t last as long as the old mobile phone used to last. With the iPhone 6, the battery has been improved with a better life meaning more time can be spent using the phone without the worry of keeping it charged up.

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Retina HD Display

As the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are much bigger than previous iPhones, this also means that the screen size is also bigger. Along with a bigger screen size, the iPhone 6 is built with a Retina HD display screen meaning that images looked at on the phone, films that are watched and games that are played all look crystal clear on the screen to view.

Better Camera

More people are choosing to use their iPhone to take photographs rather than use their camera. With the iPhone you always have it to hand and picture taking is so instant and easy to do. Along with the improved screen display the iPhone 6 has also improved the camera meaning better quality photographs. The iPhone 6 allows you to capture every moment at an exceptional quality.


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Fastest iPhone

The iPhone 6 is built with 4G LTE meaning that when roaming the Internet it is much quicker and when downloading music, games and video it is much faster. If you have the phone connected to Wifi it is even quicker, being 3 times faster than when using 4G alone.


The iPhone 5s introduced us to finger print technology, meaning that only the owner of the phone could unlock the phone. Apple have advanced this technology and the iPhone 6 is built with tough security so that you can use your finger print to not just unlock the phone but you can use it to also approve purchases and payments made on the App Store, iTunes and iBooks.


The Smart Phone industry is extremely competitive. There is always a constant battle between Samsung and Apple and who can bring out the best phone. Smart Phone customers have their own individual preferences, but Apple win the battle on how they can make the news with customers camping outside the New York store waiting for the latest iPhone release. Apple are good at keeping their latest products very well hidden and they are also renowned for being fashionable and on trend. With the latest release of the Samsung S5 and the Amazon Fire Phone which will soon be released it will be good to see which phone is the best seller. Only time will tell.