It is no surprise that the latest technical news is all about the Smart Phone. In todays world the Smart Phone is controlling the way we live. We use it as the alarm clock to wake us up in the morning. We use it for emailing and contacting people on the train journey to work. We use it for both our work lives and our personal lives. We have picked out a few headlines of topics which have been in the technology news recently and with no surprise they are all about the Smart Phone, so will you be using yours to play games on or will you be using your Smart Phone to clean the house with?

Sony Release Smart Phones Compatible with PS4

Sony are releasing an App exclusive to Sony Xperia Smart Phones and Tablets which is compatible with the Sony Playstation 4. This means that you can play the games that you would usually be playing with the TV screen, but you are able to play them on your phone. The idea for this App is that if someone wants to watch television, you can carry on playing your game but on your phone instead. The players phone can be attached to the Playstation controller so that the player can use their phone as a screen and the controller as normal. The advantage to users would be that the player gets to carry on playing their favourite Playstation games on their phone whilst the TV is in use. The disadvantage is that it can’t be taken out of the house, otherwise it will lose its connection with the Playstation 4.

Has the Smart Phone Taken Over Holiday Trips

Will taking a camera on holiday soon be a distant memory for many holiday makers? This year there has been a craze for people using their smart phones on holiday instead of the humble camera. The reason so many holiday makers are choosing their smart phone over a camera is that everything is so instant. People can take pictures and share it instantly on social media to friends and family, something that isn’t so simple to do on a camera. Smart phones are also great for people to take the perfect holiday selfies to create memories and to share with friends. The Smart Phone has everything all in one place. The Smart Phone can be used to make calls, send messages, access emails and to stay in contact with the rest of the world on Social Media, this is why it has now become the most vital item to take on holiday.

Dyson to Release the first Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson have unveiled their first robotic vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can be set to clean the house and it will be wary of what is around it so that it doesn’t bump into walls, doors or furniture. The vacuum cleaner can be set to vacuum the floor simply through an app on your phone, so that if you are out and haven’t had time to clean up before your friends visit, for example, then you can tell the vacuum cleaner to clean the house for you and it will do so without anyone needing to turn it on.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner works by using infrared sensors and has a camera to see where it is going. It also knows exactly where is has cleaned so if the vacuum cleaner needs charging it can come back to where it got to when cleaning. Will this be the future for vacuuming or will people still want to manually use their vacuum cleaner and have control.

Could Smart Watches be a Failure?

Although Smart Watch development will carry on, Sony’s chief executive has admitted that Smart Watches are actually rather bulky and are not powerful enough to replace the Smart Phone. The Smart Watch works in instances where you can not get to your Smart Phone, these times may be whilst you are going for a run and you can quickly look at an email or your traveling on the tube in London. The Smart Watch may have its benefits at times that you cannot use your Smart Phone, but overall for all the things that you can do on a Smart Phone, the Smart Phone will always be chosen first.

It looks as though the future holds some mysterious technological objects. Just this year we have heard about the driverless car and now there is going to be a robotic vacuum cleaner available to buy. It seems as though humans will be able to sit back and relax as we have cars take us to where we want to be and vacuum cleaners to clean the house whilst we are at work. Soon there will be an App for dinner to be cooked and served up for us for when we return from work.