Content marketing is a great way to build your brand awareness and can help to reach your target market. Video marketing is one form of content marketing that is growing rapidly.

Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is when a business or a brand produces video content on various different subjects related to their brand. This could be about the products or services they sell or about something related to their business industry.

Once a video has been produced it can then be published online via YouTube or social networking channels and added to their website.

Marketing your Products and Services

Video content is a great way to show how a product or service works. Customers find that watching a video on a product can help them understand how the product works and how it may be useful to them which helps the customer when they are considering to purchase the product.

Using your Video Content

Once your video content has been created your options for sharing this video are endless.

  • Social Media – Add your video to social media to have your followers view your latest video content or create your video through social media by way of a story / reel. Social media users are known to stop at and watch a video rather than a generic advertising post.

  • Website – A video on your homepage can be really engaging for your customers to watch. They will be able to gain an understanding of your business in a short space of time. Product images are great to for customers to understand how a product works.

  • Email Campaigns – Videos can be so engaging that adding them to an email campaign can have great results. Instead of your email being ignored it will be watched by those that open it as they will be intrigued to find out more.

  • YouTube – Upload your video to YouTube and see how many hits it has. YouTube is a great social media platform to upload your video on. Having your own channel is a great way to build up content you can continue to use.

Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

Over a billion hours of YouTube content is watched every single day. There are on average 2 billion video views a day on Twitter and it has been reported that tweets with a video get 10 times more engagement than tweets without a video. Facebook has over 8 billion video views a day and 85% of those videos are watched without the sound on. It goes to show that with the rise of video content more and more users are stopping to watch videos by the way of YouTube videos or reels and stories that can be found on other social media channels.

MGT Design Can Produce Your Video Content

Let MGT Design help produce video content for your marketing. With our expertise and professional recording equipment you can be confident that what we create for you will of top quality and can be used throughout a range of marketing for your business.