Google started out in 1998 as an Internet search engine provider, supplying useful search results. Over the years Google has evolved into so much more than just a search engine and has today become something we rely on using on a daily basis whether it is for business or pleasure. If there is something we want to know we don’t search for it we “Google it”. This has become a popular phrase widely used at in todays world. Today we look at how Google has evolved with a brand new logo.

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Google Is More Than A Search Engine

Google has expanded as a company to now provide online videos with Youtube and an online store with Google Play which provides various Apps for Android phones, music, film and books. As technology has evolved so has Google. Android smart phones run with an operating system which has been developed by Google. This means that Android mobile phone users can use Google as a system throughout their phone, the same way that users can ask Siri on an iPhone questions, Android users can simply ask Google with “OK Google…”.

Google Is Used On More Platforms and Devices

When Google started out it in 1998 the Internet was still in its early stages and search engines were only used on one device which was a computer. As technology has evolved so much over the years, Google can now be reached on so many more platforms with various Apps and devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones and smart watches. Because of this Google felt it needed an update and have updated their logo to suit each screen that it will be appear on.

The New Google Elements

Google have not only updated their logo but they have introduced new elements to symbolise Google in the Google colours of blue, red, yellow and green. You will recognise these when using Google in the form of dots when Apps may be loading or when someone is typing back in a message to you. A colourful microphone will appear when you can interact with Google and ask Google questions. If you are using Google on a computer you will notice a colourful G in the tab which again is made up using the four recognisable Google colours, you will also find it as element used in other services Google provide such as the Google Search App.

The Future Is Bright For Google

Google hope that the new logo and new elements, which will be shown across all of the Google products, will be a great way to symbolise what Google is about; simple, easy to use, colourful and fun. Google will no doubt change their logo in the future, but from the last logo to the current logo we can see that Google is keeping up to date with the online technical world in which we live in today.Google-New-Elements