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With the lead up to Christmas each year, Christmas television adverts have become a popular media platform. With the slow release of Christmas adverts this year some don’t want the suspense of waiting to see the advert on the television and instead use YouTube and the Internet to search for various Christmas adverts.

As always John Lewis’ yearly Christmas advert has become a huge part of Christmas so naturally the John Lewis advert is a popular one that people search for.

This year people have warmed to what they thought was the John Lewis advert for 2016. Racking up almost 1 million views, the John Lewis advert is not actually this years Official John Lewis advert and is in fact an advert created by an A-Level student, Nick Jablonka, who released the video back in June, for his A-Level media coursework, where it only reached 200 views at the time of release. Amazingly this video only took 2 weeks to produce, and Nick Jablonka has posted on YouTube that “I do believe this piece could do with a lot of work”. However at MGT Design we believe that this is a great video and it could have definitely fooled us into believing that it was in fact this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.


Nick Jablonka has also impressed John Lewis themselves who have responded with this comment: “Wow, what a great effort. Nick is clearly very talented, and we’d love to invite him in to spend some time with us behind the scenes to see how we create our TV ads.”

Since this video has gone viral, Nick Jablonka has been offered a job with a communications company called W Communications, and if he is to accept this offer then it will make him the youngest employee at the company.

We wish Nick Jablonka much luck for the future and hope to possibly see this as next years John Lewis Christmas advert.