What Is Google Cardboard?


Google Cardboard is the latest invention from Google. Google Cardboard is a simple way to work alongside smart phones and Apps to create a virtual 3D world for the user. Various Apps can be downloaded to work with Google Cardboard to provide the user with a new experience.

Using Apps With Google Cardboard


The Apps that work with Google Cardboard provide the users with different experiences. With many Apps to choose from the user can decide whether they want to explore a new city or stand on stage with their favourite music artist or experience being involved in a music video through YouTube.

Experience A Virtual World With Google Cardboard


Google Cardboard allows you to experience a virtual world and explore new cities and countries that you have never seen before. If you want to walk around Paris you can do so by downloading the App which takes you around the romantic city. Just be careful not to knock into anything as you gaze up at the Eiffel Tower!

Make Or Buy Your Own Google Cardboard


You can make your own Google Cardboard with instructions provided on the Google Cardboard website. Many websites are also selling their version of the Google Cardboard to save you having to make it and they retail at around about $20+.

The Future Is Here With Google Cardboard


The future is here with the Google Cardboard. It is a great way for the user to experience being somewhere without having to travel thousands of miles, it is also a great way to become more interactive with virtual gaming. Make your own Google Cardboard viewer, download the App you want to try and step inside a the virtual world.