Over the weekend of April 13th and 14th, MGT Design was on-site at the 2024 Goodwood 81st Members Meeting, capturing footage for Hortons Books. We roamed the circuit, creating engaging content that showcased everything from the lively funfair and bustling stalls to the delicious array of food and drinks, capturing the festive atmosphere. Alongside this, we had the opportunity to conduct interviews with a variety of motoring authors and prominent figures in the automotive industry, enriching our coverage with expert insights and stories.

Hortons Books at the 81st Goodwood Members Meeting 2024

Horton’s Books made a memorable appearance at the 2024 Goodwood Members Meeting, marking the event’s 81st anniversary in style. Ben Horton graciously led viewers through their stand, showcasing an impressive array of motoring books and car memorabilia. Highlights included a rare Jaguar celebration menu from a 1953 Le Mans dinner, autographed by that year’s victorious drivers, as well as coveted editions of Autocourse from pivotal years like 1964, when John Surtees clinched victory with Ferrari. Their collection boasted signed works from iconic figures such as Bobby Alison, Jack Brabham, and Mike Hawthorn, alongside captivating artwork by Dexter Brown showcasing his works of Steve McQueen and Giorgio Piola’s drawing of a John Player Special Lotus 72 from 1973. At the Bonhams Car Auction, attendees marvelled at everything from classic Porsche 911s to a striking Pink Jaguar E-Type, capturing the essence of automotive history.

Goodwood 81MM Interviews

Ben engaged in enlightening conversations throughout the event, including an interview with Xander Heijnen, who shared insights from his time with Mercedes and experiences with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg during their Karting Days. Later, Automotive Author John Nikas shed light on his latest masterpiece, ‘Nashe-Healey: A Grand Alliance,’ while reflecting on the significance of the Goodwood Members Meeting. Venturing trackside, attendees revelled in the spectacle of Can Am cars and historic racing machines, including Gerhard Berger’s iconic 1989 Ferrari 640 F1 Car after it screamed around the Goodwood Circuit. Egon Zweimüller, a former owner, shared poignant memories of the car’s history, highlighting its connection to Enzo Ferrari’s legacy followed by a surprise appearance by Stefan Johansson. The Goodwood 81st Members Meeting held personal significance for Ben’s son, Dexter, who fulfilled a lifelong dream by sitting in a Ferrari Formula One Car. As the event drew to a close, Tim Hain’s interview provided a fitting conclusion, offering insights into his close bond with Sir Stirling Moss and the creation of his captivating photographic journey, ‘Sir Stirling Moss Lap of Honour.’ The 81st Goodwood Members Meeting left an indelible mark on Horton’s Books , celebrating the passion and heritage of automotive culture in grand style.

Goodwood 81st Members Meeting Photo Gallery

Over the weekend, we utilised the Nikon Z8 to capture stunning photographs at the Goodwood Circuit. Our focus was on a range of iconic racing cars, including the 1989 Gerhard Berger F1 Ferrari 640 and the 1985 Niki Lauda F1 McLaren-TAG MP4/2B Formula One cars. We also covered an array of Ford GT40s, Lolas, and Chevrons competing in the Surtees Trophy, Ford Mustangs from the Ken Miles Cup, and the elegant Bugatti Type 35s featured in the Grover-Williams Trophy for 1920s Grand Prix Cars. Additionally, our lenses caught the intense action of Ford Capris, and other classic models from the Gordon Spice Trophy for Group 1 saloon cars that raced between 1970 and 1982. We also documented a diverse lineup of Maseratis, Coopers, and Bentleys in a race dedicated to Grand Prix and Voiturette cars that competed between 1935 and 1953. We also got a few snaps of the Can Am Cars.

Event Video & Photography

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