This year Apple are celebrating 10 years of the iPhone. To mark the occasion big things are expected for the next iPhone release which could be the iPhone 8. It is expected to be the biggest and the best iPhone yet.

Wireless iPhone 8 Charging

Rumours about the iPhone 8 is that it is going to have a complete makeover with a curved design and an edge to edge display. The iPhone 7 had the removal of the headphone socket and the iPhone 8 could remove the lightning socket altogether by introducing wireless charging. It has been spoken of before and not yet happened, but the iPhone 8 may get rid of the Home button and embed this underneath the display screen creating a virtual Home / Touch ID button.

iPhone 8 Facial Integration

It has been said that as a new way to interact with the iPhone that Apple will introduce facial recognition as a way of unlocking the phone instead of using a finger print. Not only can you unlock the phone with your face, you can also access various features using different gestures for example selfies could be taken by simply smiling at the screen.

Applie iPhone 8 September 2017

Since the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have only just been released there is no news of the next release. Apple usually use March and September as months of the year in which they release the latest models. September should be the next release of the iPhone, however we could see an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7 Plus S before the iPhone 8.