Monopoly Anniversary

Have you ever compared the money that you spend abroad and on holiday, such as Euros or Dollars, to Monopoly money? 80 lucky Monopoly players will receive the surprise of a lifetime when they play the popular board game, which they have just purchased, to find that real money has been put into their game. One lucky winner will find a jackpot of all their money being real, which could result in a game played with friends or family to be the most exciting Monopoly game ever played.

Monopoly is a board game which you will find in many households. It is a game which can be a lot of fun or it can cause many arguments due to players losing out on money or feeling as though they are being conned by other players, especially the “banker”. The point of the game is to earn as much money as you can from investing the money that you have into property around the board so that if your components land on your property they will have to pay you a fee in the form of rent. You can purchases houses and hotels to increase the rent value, ultimately raising your more money. If players do not have enough money to pay you then they can declare themselves to be bankrupt, which means they are out of the game, unless they can raise money by mortgaging or selling property. By the end of the game whoever has the most money and the most value in the property is deemed the winner of the game.

Monopoly Money

For the 80th Anniversary of Monopoly in France, since it was first introduced in 1935, Hasbro France have revealed that they have sneaked real money into 80 sets of the game from a batch of 30,000 which are being released for the 80th Anniversary and into different versions ranging from Junior, Classic, Vintage and Electronic versions. The prizes will range with different amounts of real money into each set.

Real Monopoly Money

One lucky player will find that the game contains a full set of real money replacing the fake Monopoly money with Euros. This amounts to a grand total of €20,580 which equates to approximately £15,510. This is the only time you will be able to actually spend your Monopoly money away from the board game. Other Monopoly sets will contain various other cash prizes; 10 sets will contain €400 made up of five €20 notes, two €50 euro notes and one €100 note. The remaining 69 sets will contain €150 made up of five €10 notes and five €20 notes. Whoever finds that they have purchased one of these special edition sets which be extremely lucky, especially the one lucky person who opens up the board game to find that the whole set is made up with real money. The only problem with these 80 sets is what happens when the money runs out and what if they want to play an actual game of Monopoly? They say that Monopoly is all about taking a “Chance” so many people will be hoping that they will open their box to find the huge jackpot.