mgt design black friday

Black Friday is the first Friday following Thanks Giving in the USA, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Black Friday is considered to be the start of the Christmas shopping period, with just under a month to go until Christmas Day. Each year Black Friday becomes that bit more popular with more retailers taking the opportunity to promote special offers for their customers. Black Friday originated in America due to it being the day after Thanks Giving, however over the years it has gained recognition in many other countries all over the world with many retailers offering their own Black Friday deals.

For Black Friday many retailers have special offers and promotions on many products for customers to take advantage of, similar to the offers that are on for Boxing Day on the 26th December. Black Friday first got its name by there being a huge amount of traffic on the roads the day after Thanks Giving. Retailers call it Black Friday as it is the day that they come out of the “red” and go into the “black” and make profits due to it being one of the busiest shopping days in the year especially for people buying Christmas gifts and getting all their shopping done as well as making the most of all the offers that are on.

Black Friday Online

As you may be aware many online retailers are using the week leading up to Black Friday to promote the fact that they will be having special offers on Black Friday, some even starting at the turn of the day at Midnight on Thursday 27th November. Others will start their Black Friday offers at the start of the business day on Friday 28th November. Those eager for a bargain will stay up at night to be in for a chance of getting something on offer. Amazon for example  have used the whole week to offer Black Friday deals from 24th – 30th November. With Amazon they have deals of a limited number for a limited amount of time. Some people watch Amazon constantly so that they don’t miss the chance of purchasing a product that they want at a bargain of a price. Items included in the Amazon Black Friday deals include television box sets, films, CD’s and toys. Each customer is limited to one item at this special price, however if you keep an eye on the deals some items come back into stock a day or two later where you can always purchase it again. Other online retailers save all offers and promotions until Black Friday itself to gain suspense. Some retailers will give customers a sneak preview of what products are going to be on offer on Black Friday, to get customers to come back if they see something that they are interested in. This also means that customers can decide what they want before the offers even start.

With easy access to the Internet it will be no surprise to find out that many websites will be particularly busy and running slow due to the amount of people using the various websites. People will have to be patient and persistent to get the products that they want for a bargain price.

Black Friday In Store

Many supermarkets and other retailers will be holding offers in store either throughout the week for Black Friday or on Black Friday itself. Lots of supermarkets that are open for 24hours throughout the week, advertised that they will be starting their offers at Midnight on Thursday 27th November and running the offers throughout the day on Friday 28th November which is Black Friday. Black Friday is a day which will benefit lots of customers that get a bargain, however some may be disappointed to find out that lots of products will be sold out very quickly.

As much as Black Friday is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done at a bargain price, it is also a way to make you spend more money so you have to be careful. The key to shopping on Black Friday is to only get the products that you actually want and not be tempted into other items which a lot of people are. If you have had your eye on something for a while and that is on offer then that is a bargain, however if you see something else that you hadn’t thought of then the retailer has persuaded you to buy more than you were planning to therefore benefiting the retailer.