Photos with Precious Memories

Over time precious photos may become damaged and unlike today, where we have digital copies and several backups on our smart phones, computers and hard drives, there is no way to print those older photos out again due to the original camera film going missing or becoming damaged with time. Photos can be endlessly handled, by travelling across the world and being passed on through generations of families, which can result in the photo wearing out and becoming damaged or torn. At MGT Design we believe that these photos should not be forgotten about or thrown away as all photos hold special memories to each of us.


MGT Design Photo Restoration

At MGT Design we offer a special photo restoration service where we can restore photographs back to their original quality and can also improve the quality of older photos. No matter how old the photo is we can take a look at it for you and see what we can do to piece it back together. Even if the photo is torn into several pieces, we enjoy the challenge of puzzling the pieces of the photo back together to see the photo become a whole picture again. We can then print off the restored photo for you and give you as many copies as you require for the whole family. We can also provide you with a digital copy so that you know your photo is safe to print out again if any further damage was to happen to your printed copies.

Photo Restoration Projects


The photo above was terribly damaged by being torn in half as well as being badly damaged around the edges through the age of the photo. With our special skills we were able to piece it back together and restore the quality of the image, making it whole again and removing any imperfections.



The above photo was torn into many pieces and then thrown away. Luckily it was saved and brought to MGT Design for restoration. We were happy to bring this photo back to life by piecing it back together and removing all imperfections. We printed this out and placed it back into its original mount which we also repaired as part of our restoration service. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of this photo, as they did not think that the photo would ever be repairable.

Let Your Photos Live On

If you have any damaged photos being forgotten about in your home, don’t forget about them or throw them away. Bring them to MGT Design and we can repair and restore them for you so that your photos can live on bringing back precious memories throughout generations to come.

If you would like to find out more about our photography services then contact us to find out more.