Page Ranking is an important factor when optimising your website. There are various factors that major search engines calculate for when ranking websites such as topicality, relevance, value-add, reputation, etc. Google takes 200 factors for calculating your website ranking. Recently Goggle has added site speed to the Google Analytics tracking data. In Google Analytics tracking code site speed is added as a major factor in deciding page rank. Thus, site speed is now considered an important factor for improving your website ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). Although site speed is not a major factor to get a good ranking in SERPs, you should always consider website speed as one of the most important factors as part of your search engine optimisation process.

You can find various tools available on the Internet to measure your site speed, such as Google Webmaster Tools, Page Speed, YSlow, WebPagetest, etc. It recommends webpage speed, a browser add-on for Firefox. It helps you to evaluate your web pages and gives helpful suggestions. With the smart-phone revolution, there are more than four billion mobile users in the world. They use mobile browsers for finding useful information. In that case, site speed is a very important factor. Due to an increasing number of mobile users, Google cannot ignore this significant site speed factor. It is an essential factor to help mobile users because it saves valuable time. Site speed is not only beneficial for search engines, but your website visitors also get a good surfing experience with an increase in site speed. Therefore, site speed is now becoming an essential part of SEO.