Recent news revealed that Facebook was to introduce a dislike button which caused a stir with many people who thought it would cause trouble on the popular social media site. Today it has been revealed that Facebook are not introducing a dislike button and are in fact going to release reaction buttons in the form of ‘Reactions’ which are like emotions found on most smart phones today.

The new ‘Reactions’ will come in the form of Like, Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, and Angry emotions. This gives the user the ability to quickly react to a comment or status on Facebook with how they feel towards the post. For example if it is a post about friends getting married they could react with Love or Yay whereas if it a post about not getting a promotion at work they could react with a Sad or Angry face.


The new ‘Reactions’ will also help businesses find out how people respond to their posts on Facebook to help marketing. If they are releasing a new product and want to find out how people feel about that product they will get a good idea with the ‘Reactions’ they receive.

We use emotions so much today in our text messages as well as on social media and you will see more and more companies making the use of emotions in emails they send you so it makes sense that Facebook is keeping up to date with trends and introducing ‘Reactions’ to let users quickly react to how they feel because a face or an icon says everything you want to say with a simple picture.