With the modern technology of smart phones and tablets there are now a countless number of things that we can do using a smart devices. The digital world offers music, television, films, news and more all on the go for you to listen to, read or watch on your smart phone or tablet. Will this mean that one day in the near future there will be less of a need to have a physical newspaper or book as everything will be on a smart device in the form of an app?

Smart Phones

Once upon a time a phone was simply for using to phone people, then there came a time where you could then text message someone, send a picture and look at your emails. Now there are countless things that you can do with a phone and the simple necessities of a phone are no longer being used as much. People use there phones for business and social needs. In terms of business, people can set up meetings using their phone, email various colleagues or clients and share information that is needed. For social needs everyone can have Social Media apps on their phone to share what they want with friends and the rest of the world.


For those who want to do everything that they do on their smartphone but on a bigger scale, will often purchase a tablet. The bigger screen will be easier to use and to look at and people like to use a tablet over a laptop as it is easier to take around. There are also wireless mice and keyboards that make a tablet so much more versatile than a laptop as you can connect the mice and keyboard to the tablet to use as a computer at home or at work, but then you can use the tablet just as a screen to take about and slip into a briefcase or handbag. The tablet is also great to take a way with you as you can take it on holiday, or weekend breaks or have it with you in the house easily to use. You can also have a countless amount of apps on the tablet, so that you can easily access your favourite social media accounts, play games, read books, take notes and more. Your tablet can be to socialise with friends and family as well as to keep important information all in one place. Most tablets will have a password control on them, which makes it secure and with technology changing and the new iPhone having fingerprint recognition on it the security is rather safe.

E-Book Readers

There was once a time where people used to carry around several books to read and to take on holiday. These were weighty and bulky, but everyone likes to read so there was no way around it. Then there was a time where you could listen to a book through a CD, this being a good way for someone to listen to a story without having to carry around a book and having to take time to read a whole book. Now we have E-Book Readers such as the Amazon Kindle, which offers a simple solution to download a digital version of a number of books and to be able to store them on the memory of the Kindle itself. Amazon also offer a free kindle reading app, so people don’t have to necessarily buy a kindle to read a book, they can download the app and read it off their smartphones, tablets or other E-Book Readers.