With new technology and being able to connect your phone to the Internet all the time through Wifi, 3G or 4G, you are able to do so many things on your smart device from listening to music to reading a book. Here are just a sample of the things that you can do whilst using your smart device such as your iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Watch Television

Remember the day where there were only four channels on the television to watch, now there are thousands of channels. There used to also be a time where something was only screened once and if you were going to miss it you would have to set up the video recorder to record your favourite shows to watch at a later date. Now we don’t have to do that, with many television channels offering a “catch up” service where you can usually watch something at a later date within a week.

On a smart device such as a smartphone or a tablet you can download the television apps so that you are then able to watch your favourite television programmes on the go or at a time that suits you. BBC iPlayer contains all of the BBC channels and shows for people to choose what they want to catch up with or to watch something live. Other ones are ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5.

Read Books

The times where you used to have to carry around several books to read are now over as you can now read a book on the go whenever you like on either a smartphone, a tablet or an E-Reader, such as the Amazon Kindle which was specifically designed to read books from. Having books on a device such as these makes it easier for people to read a book on a single screen by downloading digital copies of books. Most of the time the digital book is cheaper than the paperback or hard copy of the book and having digital copies saves an enormous amount of space.

Watch Films

Film will always be best being shown on the big screen of a cinema, and the cinema will have nothing to worry about ever going out of business, even on a screen at home is better to watch a film over watching it on a smart device. However watching a film on a smart device, more so on a tablet, is good for those going on holiday to watch on the go whilst traveling on the train or a plane. Even passengers in a car will often be watching something on a tablet and everyone can keep to themselves whilst using headphones.

With some DVD’s and BluRay’s, you sometimes receive a free UV copy of the film which you can them put onto one of your smart devices. Other films can be downloaded through the app stores such as iTunes or Google Play.

Listen to Music

Since the CD took over the cassette tape, there have always been ways to make listening to music that bit easier and different companies have attempted to come up with new inventions to take over the CD, such as the MiniDisk. Then the iPod came out along with other MP3 players which do make listening to music on the go even easier than carrying around a CD or MiniDisk player. With the iPod and MP3 players, you can upload CD’s onto a computer and transfer albums or individual songs across onto the iPod or MP3 player. Now it is even easier than that as people can have their music on their smart device, usually on a phone and it works out exactly the same as listening to it on an iPod or MP3 player, with one less device to carry around. Apps such as Spotify and radio apps help people listen to the latest music on the go as well, the only downside is that you have to listen to the adverts.

Read the Latest News

Whatever area interests you, whether it is the news itself and whats happening around the world, or sports, music, fashion and so on, you can read all about it through various medias. This can be through newspaper sites as well as social media. Social media is so quick with being able to spread the word with people sharing stories between friends and followers.