Apple Watch

Six months on from the release of the latest iPhone; the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple are set to release the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is something that people have been eagerly waiting for, to see what it is all about and to see how it works as a new product in technology as a Smart Watch.

Spring Forward

Apple are holding an event on the 9th March 2015 in San Francisco, believed to be the release of the Apple Watch. The event is called Spring Forward which falls in place with Daylight Savings being on the 8th March for the U.S.A and also ties in with the fact that the Apple Watch was due to be released in Spring 2015.

More than a Watch

Apple have stated that the Apple Watch is their “most personal device yet” as it is the first smart device which can be worn and is therefore with you at all times. The idea of the Apple Watch is that it is there for you at the exact moment in time that you need it instead of having to search through your bag for your phone. The Apple Watch is linked to your iPhone so that everything that you would find on your iPhone can be found on the Apple Watch, such as pictures, emails and contact information.

There is an Apple Watch for Everyone


The Apple Watch will be available in three different styles so that it will suit everybody’s personal choice and style. The Apple Watch is available as the standard Apple Watch which will come with a stainless steel face and a stainless steel wrist strap. The Apple Watch Sport is aimed at the more casual sports person, this comes with an aluminium face and a rubber strap. Lastly there is the Apple Watch Edition which is aimed at the more luxury market with the watch face being made out of 18 carat gold with a luxury leather strap. All watches are available to purchase in two different face sizes so that the watch will be suited perfectly to each wrist. These sizes are 38mm and 42mm.

Precise Timing

The Apple Watch provides the user with accurate timing with being linked to the users iPhone as well as using multiple technologies. The Apple Watch will give precise timing by always being within 50 milliseconds of the correct time. The Apple Watch will also know when you are in a different country and will update itself to the correct time of the country that you are in.

Immediate Communication

The Apple Watch communicates to you immediately in a very personal way. The user will be notified of any incoming messages and notifications through a gentle tap on the wrist, meaning that the user should never miss an important message. With a phone, loud sounds may cause you to miss a call or an important notification such as an email, whereas with the Apple Watch an incoming notification should never go unnoticed as you will receive a tap on any incoming notification.

Your Personal Health & Fitness Companion

2015 has seen a rise in the popularity and use of Fitness Apps. Fitness Apps are a great way to record how you are performing with the way that it can measure how many steps you have done, through your phone, as well as allowing you to input any food that you have eaten throughout the day so that you can count your calories. The Apple Watch measures more than just the steps that you take, it also measures how often you are exercising with the quantity and frequency and will encourage you to do more exercise when it notices that you are sitting down for too long.

A New World for Apps

The Apple Watch is a completely new platform for Apps and App development. The Apple Watch will digest any information and present it in a summarised format for you to see any important information quickly. You will still be able to see other Apps such as Maps so you can easily find where you need to go. You can also view your calendar so you know what upcoming events there are.

Connected to your iPhone

As the Apple Watch will be connected to your iPhone you will be able to use it to listen to music, view your photos and easily access your contacts. The Apple Watch is a revolutionary new smart device which is easily accessible at all times throughout the day. Being linked to your iPhone means that you will still be able to stay connected to everyone, however the Apple Watch allows you to see your important notifications immediately without them being missed because your phone may be on silent for some reason. The Apple Watch means you can stay up to date and should never miss a thing.