Battery Life of a Smart Phone

Smart Phone Evolution

Smart phones are used for so much more than the original purpose of a mobile phone. A smart phone is a daily necessity for most of us. We use our smart phones for both personal use and for business. We use it to not just make calls and send messages but we also use it to send emails, write documents for work, take pictures on holiday and listen to music on our day to day travels. It is no surprise then that the batteries in our smart phones don’t last as long as we would like them to, resulting in the need to charge them up a number of times throughout the day. There are also times where you may be out for the day, with no access to a charger and your phone battery suddenly goes, leaving you feeling lost when you are relying on your phone to contact friends you are suppose to be meeting with or to look up train times for your return journey home.

Applications Running on your Smart Phone

Smart Phone Applications

What a lot of people may not realise is that there are a number of applications running at one time on your smart phone. You have your emails turned on so that emails are constantly coming through. You have your Internet on from when you last searched for something, you have push notifications turned on so that messages are constantly coming through and at the same time you also have a number of Apps running in the background. So many people leave these applications running in the background to make it quicker to open the next time they wish to use them instead of having to log in again or search for what they were looking at on the Internet. This uses up a lot of battery as they are still technically open, unless you close them. Maps is another App with uses up a lot of battery life as it is constantly picking up where you are through GPS and giving you directions to where you want to go. The battery of smart phones can soon go within just an hour or so of using them.

Constant Charging Reduces the Battery Life of Smart Phones

Charging Smart Phone

Constant charging can really reduce the battery life of smart phones. This is where you constantly have your smart phone on charge throughout the day or leave it on charge at night. Once the smart phone has reached 100% it still carries on charging, this is unhealthy for the battery life of smart phones as it makes the battery hot by keeping it on charge for several hours or more. For a healthy battery life of a smart phone it is suggested that you charge your smart phone for a maximum of 2 hours a day and to not leave it on charge for longer than this and to take it off charge once it has reached 100%.

Solar Smart Phone Battery Charging

The future looks promising for the battery life of smart phones as there will soon be a machine which can charge your battery automatically though solar power. Microsoft are currently developing a system called AutoCharge, where a camera can be fitted into the ceiling of your home or work office and it can identify the shape of a smart phone. It can also identify whether the phone needs charging and can then charge it with a beam of light shining on the phone this being in the form of an infrared. For the AutoCharge system to work the smart phone must be compatible. A compatible smart phone will be fitted with solar panels which convert the beam of light that is given to them into power. AutoCharge compatible phones also come with an LED which can communicate with the AutoCharge camera system to let it know whether or not it needs charging. This LED is powered by solar power as well so that it can still communicate even if there is no battery in the phone. Microsoft bought Nokia and introduced the Nokia Lumia range. There will be no surprise if you find that the Nokia Lumia phones are the ones which are compatible with the AutoCharge system. Other mobile phone companies such as Apple and Samsung may compete with this system and bring out there own wireless charging system to increase the battery life of smart phones.