Google Sign

Google has opened up its first shop to start selling products such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. The Google shop, as it has been called, has opened up inside the Currys PC World on Tottenham Court Road, London. As big as the Internet is, there is only so much that you can do online, sometimes you need to actually be able to hold a product before purchasing it. The idea of the Google shop is that it gives customers a chance to see and feel how products and services work, similar to the Apple shop where all products are on show for customers to freely use to see how they work. The Google shop will differ to Apple as it will also hold demonstrations not only showing how the products work but also to show how the Google services work as well.

Google Demonstration

In the Google shop there will be a large curved screen called the “Portal” where customers can go around the world using Google Earth. Customers will be able to control their journey around the world through a Google Tablet using the Google Earth App. This will let customers see the world in a new perspective, in a much larger view than what they can see on their smart phone, tablet or computer. This not only demonstrates the services which Google provide to customers but also allows them to have some fun, looking at where they may live and their neighbourhood to where they may be going on holiday for the summer.

Google Nexus

Google Fun

The Google shop allows customers and visitors to have fun and enjoy the products or services available for them to use. Similar to the Apple store, the Google shop will display all current products ranging from smart watches to smart phones and tablets. There will be a large screen called the “Doodle Screen” where customers can doodle onto the screen creating their own Google logo. Customers can also  use the Google “Chromecast Pod” where customers can watch movies via Google Play and videos through YouTube to see how Google services and products work.

Google Learning

Google will always demonstrate the latest products in the Google shop. You may of seen the film The Internship where students enrol as interns at the Google head office; with the Google Shop you can learn many important facts as Google will be hosting sessions teaching students the basics of coding as well as the importance of online security. Members of staff who will be working in the Google Shop will also always be around to help answer any questions customers have relating to the Google products and services.

The Google Future

Google is forever growing and developing into new areas of technology that we may of never thought of. Google plan to open more shops in the future, again being inside Currys PC World. There are plans to open one in West London and the other in Essex. Shops give Google the opportunity of getting to know their customers more personally and to be able to show them exactly how the products and services work as well as the benefits of them. The technical world is always competitive, all large companies are competing against each other to be the best of the best. There is always competition between Samsung and Apple, but now Apple may have to keep an eye on Google as they start to emerge onto the high street.