How have you been watching the World Cup 2022?

Back in 1966 when England first won the World Cup many supporters had to gather in front of black and white small screened televisions to watch the exciting game. Back then no one would ever believe that you could watch a football match from the palm of your hand whilst on the go using smart phones with screens the same size as those small televisions.

Sports Apps

Most sports channels such as Sky Sports and BT Sports have Apps you can stream from to watch the big games directly from the phone. The World Cup was being broadcast between the BBC and ITV and they also have Apps you can use to watch the games live. This is a great way to keep up with the games when on the go when commuting back from work or on your lunch break or having a sneaky look when out with friends.

On the Television

Most of us will be watching the big games in the comfort of our own homes on the television. With Smart TV’s we can now record the matches so we don’t have to miss a single thing and put it on when it is convenient to do so, rewind when we need to and forward to live points of the match.

In Pubs and Bars

Getting together with friends is a great way to watch the games and a good excuse to get out the house and have a break from work. Many gathered in pubs and bars to watch the matches and although England haven’t made it through to the final there will be many football fans still eager to watch the final on Sunday 18th December and will be doing this with a pint in their hand.

Social Media

Most live results are being displayed on social media platforms with highlights of the games being played. So many people use social media that it is a great way for them to easily keep up to date with the games being played whilst checking out the latest tweets and posts.

The Future

With the improvements to video gaming and VR technology there has been a vision of Peter Moore, former Liverpool and EA Sports chief executive, that we will one day be able to bring that same technology to life and use it to let the fans get even more involved in the game. At the moment gamers are able to play games such as FIFA and view camera angles that you cannot ever see in real life. For more than two decades players have been able to get so involved with the game that Peter Moore visualises a way to bring the gaming world to life and use that same technology to make football even more enticing by using Unity, a video gaming software.