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At MGT Design we are excited by the News of the Nokia 3310 re-release on the 24th May 2017. Of course we have all previously owned the original Nokia 3310 17 years ago and at the time it was the iPhone 7 of today, it was the mobile phone everyone had to own. This was the time that Nokia owned the mobile phone market, before Apple and Samsung took over.

The 2017 Version of the Nokia 3310

Image: Nokia

17 years on since the release of the original Nokia 3310 back in 2000, Nokia have released a modern version of this iconic phone. Priced at an affordable £49.99 there is no doubt that many iPhone and Samsung users will be purchasing this latest gadget just to see what all the fuss is about.

The Nokia 3310 will be the perfect phone for festival goers and holiday makers with a battery that can last up to a month on standby and provide around about 22 hours worth of talk time. Simply pop in a £10 monthly sim card and you are good to go. The Nokia 3310 is what an ideal phone should be – simply a phone to use for communication.

Choice of Four Colours


Image: Nokia

Unfortunately the days of changeable covers have now gone and those who wish to purchase the Nokia 3310 will be given the choice of four colours, navy, red, grey or yellow. The red and the yellow are available in a gloss finish and the navy and grey are available in a matte finish.

The Nokia 3310 comes with a 2 MP camera with an LED flash, not brilliant quality but perfect for simple pictures. There is a headphone jack so that you can listen to music or the radio. Inside the phone there is 2G connectivity for calling and text messaging. There is 16 MB worth of storage with a MicroSD card slot which you can be used with a 32 GB memory card.

The Updated Snake Game


Image: Nokia

Remember those days playing that classic Snake game? You can bring those days back by playing the latest version of Snake in colour on the latest Nokia 3310. Many will be excited by this news and may even try to beat that high score they managed to get up to 17 years ago.