It is no surprise that technology is changing and everyday we are hearing about new exciting products that will hit the market. Last week it was all about the Amazon smart phone, which is a smart phone that can do almost anything. We have also heard about a smart watch, being able to do all the things that you can do on a smart phone, but by using a watch. This week it is all about the Google Glass, which is powered by Android and produced by Google. The Google Glass is a piece of eyewear which has a small screen on one side which you can view lots of information through. The Google Glass has such advanced technology that it can view what you are looking at and it can return information, such as detecting a foreign language and translating it for you or telling you what year the Statue of Liberty was built. The Google Glass is also great to have for navigation and directions. You can make calls whilst using the Google Glass and you can send messages without having to use your phone.
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Google Glass Requirements

The Google Glass can be used with most popular smart phones and works when you are also carrying your phone on you and have it in your possession. The simple requirements for using the Google Glass are that you must have it connected to your phone, by simply downloading the Google Glass Companion app through either the Android or iOS store.

The Google Glass can also be used as a simple bluetooth headset when being used with a phone that is compatible with bluetooth.[/one_half]

Easy Living


For those who have too much on their hands and not enough time in the day, then the Google Glass would be perfect. The Google Glass makes living easier for those who need to multitask each day. You can everything that you want to do whilst wearing the Google Glass and find out what you want to know without needing to turn on a computer or look on your phone.

Google Now

Google Now provides you with up to date information on anything that you want to know. From traffic information before you leave the house, or whilst you are driving to up to date football scores. There is no need to go searching for different topics, the Google Glass can tell you everything that you want to know as soon as you want to be informed.

Calling and Messaging

If you are driving and you would like to send a message home to say that your are stuck in traffic, this is not a problem. With the Google Glass you can just speak out your message and say who you would like to send it to, without having to touch your phone whilst driving. The same goes for calling, with the Google Glass you can make calls by simply saying who you want to phone.


As you do on a smart phone, you like to search for things, from general topics to actors which are in the film you are watching or what the weather will be like tomorrow. The Google Glass will search for you, all you have to do is ask.


The Google Glass contains Google Maps, so that it can navigate you from one destination to the other. The Google Glass also has a compass so that you know which direction you are going in.



The Google Glass is perfect for exploring and capturing every moment. The Google Glass will supply you with information on your travels such as the dates that buildings were built and being able to take pictures and shoot videos.


Whilst you are on the move or doing different activities, stay logged in with your social life and share what you are doing. Capture pictures and show the world what you are seeing. If you are sight seeing share magnificent views and let others get involved with what you are up to.


There are often those pictures that you want to take but it is not possible to free your hands to take a picture of what you want to capture. You can even video using the Google Glass, and video what adventure your on.


When abroad, it is often difficult to understand certain signs, especially when you haven’t got a free hand to get out your translation book or dictionary. The Google Glass will translate anything for you when you look at the foreign text. This will then give you an idea for directions, warning signs and even menu’s. This makes life so much easier as you no longer have to struggle and try and find out what a champignon is in English, when the Google Glass can tell you that it is a mushroom.



The Google Glass is perfect for keeping fit and active. The Google Glass lets you record times so that you can keep a record of your progress. At the same time you can be listening your music and sending messages to your friends. The Google Glass is the perfect way to multitask. The Google Glass can be used indoors and outside, so wherever you want to use it you can.

Listen to Music

Plug your headphones into the Google Glass and you can listen to all your music whilst on the move. Music can help people get into their fitness activities and can also help then concentrate. You can tell the Google Glass what you would like to play to help motivate you into working out that little bit more.

Navigate and Record

The navigation on the Google Glass can help you stay on track whilst keeping active. This can be used when walking, running or cycling. The Google Glass also has a the technology to record your fitness regimes so that you can keep on track on how you are performing, having a feedback of say how many miles you have done in a certain amount of time.

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