Graphic Design

May 2014

Monaco Grand Prix 2014 Poster

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To celebrate the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix we have paid homage to a 1957 Monaco Grand Prix by Geo Ham. Our new 2014 interpretation has the number 14 Ferrari Formula Car of Fernando Alonso and Red Bull F1 Car of Sebastian Vettel.

Unfortunately this year we have had to add a watermark on our Monaco […]

August 2012

MGT Design Logos

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Logos are great when they are used in more than one style, some companies make sure every time there logo is used on is in their corporate colours, but other companies such as the majority of sports brands use there logo in many different ways. We have been playing around with the MGT Design […]

May 2012

Monaco Grand Prix F1 Poster 2012

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After nothing but rain so far this year, it looks like we have a sunny weekend ahead for the Monaco Grand Prix. Last year we took a look at the posters designed over the years for the Monaco Grand Prix and produced a limited edition poster in the style of the Art Deco posters. […]

Monaco Grand Prix f1 2011

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It is that time of year again for the famous Monaco Grand Prix. If you only watch one Grand Prix a year it has to be the Monaco Grand Prix. The whole weekend is very exciting with the build up before the qualifying and before the main race on Sunday 29th May. Throughout most […]