The Importance of Graphic Design Work

Graphic Design is one of the most important elements to any business. Graphics are used in your business from your company branding right through to your marketing and advertising. The way that your business looks, from a graphical point of view, may affect how successful your business is. Your graphics must be designed in a way to attract the correct target audience for your business. Graphics are seen on different types of food packaging, in magazine adverts, television adverts, sponsorship in motor racing and other sports, instructions for your favourite Swedish furniture, your web design and the list goes on.

Turn Heads

At MGT Design we like all of our graphic design work to turn heads and grab peoples attention. If the graphic design in your business is good, then it will get people to stop and take a look at you and see what you are about. Appearances do matter in the world of business and looking in a certain way that will attract the customers that you want, is something that will benefit you in the life of your business. If businesses start to look old and tired, people will tend to look elsewhere.

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Business cards are essential for all businesses to have. At MGT Design if you would like business cards, but are unsure on how you want them to look, we can help design your business cards digitally so that you can see how they will look and then we can print them for you. We will look at your company branding and will design a business card that will suit the branding of your business.Find Out More
At MGT Design we offer posters that we can design for you and then print to a suitable size. Printing is something that we deal with daily from personal posters that are used for presents, educational posters used by students and teachers or posters for businesses. We are happy to sit with clients and discuss their needs and wants and can come up with a suitable design.Find Out More
At MGT Design we are happy to offer fine art printing of the best quality. Fine art printing works well with photographical work where you will get an incredible depth of field within the poster. We use fine art giclée paper, which will make your prints look like a piece of artwork which you can proudly display. Find Out More
At MGT Design we like to offer all possible services to clients that we can. One of them is exhibition design where we can help you with the design of your exhibition or marketing event. We will come up with a design theme, preferably to match your company branding and from there we can design and print posters, banners and other marketing material.Find Out More
If you are looking to re-brand your company or give yourself a new look then this is something we specialise in. We will sit down with our clients and go over different themes and styles and from there come up with a suitable design for your company. Once we have established a design, this can be used for websites, business cards and posters used for marketing.Find Out More
Photographs provide precious memories of the past. Unfortunately overtime photographs tend to get damaged and may fade in sunlight. At MGT Design we offer a special photograph restoration service where we restore old and damaged photos. We provide you with a new looking glossy photo which you will be able to safely store away in a photo album.Find Out More
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Graphic Illustrations

Graphic illustrations is another area of graphic design work that we specialise in. Graphic illustrations result in something unique that we can tailor to your specific needs and wants. These are hand drawn pieces of work which you won’t find anywhere else. With graphic illustrations we can use specially designed images and drawings in design work for your business, such as business cards, your website and any marketing material. If there is a special character that you want to base your business on then this is something that we sit down with our clients and discuss. We will draw a number of different designs so that our client has an option with what to go for.

Northampton Creative Agency

If you want to make your business stand out then book an appointment with MGT Design at our Northampton Office. We will come up with a plan to design a theme to  market your business graphically we can then integrate this with our Social Marketing and Offline Marketing services.

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