Almost everyone has their emails on their smart phone, with an App such as Apple Mail or Google’s Gmail. This makes it easy for people to access their emails through their phone rather than having to keep logging in through the Internet or having to load up their computer. As good as it can be having an easy access to your emails, sometimes emails can be too consistent and therefore people ignore them and they end up having hundreds of unread messages. Google have released a new email system to make emails for interactive and inviting.

Google Inbox

Google has released a brand new App for emails called Inbox, using the same team of people that built Gmail. What makes Inbox so different to Gmail and any other email App is that emails are delivered to the recipient in a different kind of way rather than the standard way that they are currently being delivered. Inbox is a way of making emails less boring and more interactive to the recipient.



Google Inbox groups similar emails together into Bundles so that you can look at similar ones together. This is good for things such as online orders so you can quickly find a recent order if you need to make a query, promotional offers that have been sent to you so that you can easily find promotional codes and vouchers and also travel information which is great for finding e-tickets and booking confirmations for holiday preparation.

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Highlights allow you to preview your email without having to open them. This way you can see whether the subject of the email will be something worth reading, or you have the option of deleting it or marking it as read. Not every email needs to be opened so Highlights allow you to see the main subject of the email, such as an order update to say that your order is on its way, you have been able to read the main part of the email without having to open the email. Highlights are also a good way to look for an email as it makes it easier to see what the subject is about. Some emails can be junk, therefore Highlights allow you to delete them straight away.


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With Google Inbox, it is about more than just looking at your emails, you can set yourself Reminders. Reminders stay at the top of your Inbox so that you can always see them. You can also Snooze a Reminder so that it reminds you again at a time which will be more appropriate for example if you were to make an appointment at the doctors, however the doctors doesn’t open until 8am, then you can Snooze the reminder until 7.55am.

Join Inbox Today

You can join Inbox by simply requesting an invite from your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account then don’t worry, you can register for one for free and set an account up for yourself. Inbox could be the future for emails, making it more interactive to use so that you can choose the emails you wish to see with different topics being put together in a Bundle. Inbox makes emailing more sociable being able to see messages from friends and family in an easier way, this is important as we are in a social media world where we contact each other through social media messaging rather than through phoning or texting.