What is ‘Phubbing’?

‘Phubbing’ is a term to describe paying attention to your phone rather than paying attention to your partner. The word has been made up by mixing the words phone and snubbing (ignoring) together to make the word ‘phubbing’. So many people may think what they are doing is okay but it is time to realise that paying attention to your phone over your partner, family and friends is simply rude. Reports have shown that ‘phubbing’ is causing depression in many people who feel they are being ignored and feeling as though a smart phone is more interesting than what they are trying to say.

Are Smart Phones Ruining Relationships?

At MGT Design we have previously looked into how Britons are addicted to their smart phones and how smart phones have taken over and now it is time to have a digital detox and turn your smart phones off to pay more attention to your friends and family. Recent reports have revealed that the smart phone is ruining relationships and not just between couples but also between friends and family. Just a few years ago it was deemed rude to be using a phone at a restaurant when you are there as a couple, with your friends or with your family, however now it is the norm to be using your phone posting out your latest status with a photo of the food you are eating to social media to all your virtual friends. It is a concern when you would rather talk to your friends on social media rather than the ones that are sitting right in front of you and this needs to be resolved.

Smart Phones Taking Over Relationships

If you ever feel like your partner is paying more attention to their smart phone than what you are trying to say then it is clear that your partner is ‘phubbing’ by choosing to pay more attention to the information on his/ her smart phone rather than listen to what you are trying to say. There is clear evidence that smart phones are causing friction in many relationships. If you go to restaurants and look around you many people are sitting there using their smart phone. Even couples who have gone for a romantic meal are often seen staring down at a smart phone rather than their loved one sitting across the table from them.

Smart Phones Taking Over Friendships

‘Phubbing’ is not just a problem in relationships it is also a growing problem in friendships as well. The problem is that there are so many of us addicted to social media and feeling as though we have to always keep up to date with everything that is happening that we find it hard to turn off and focus on other things. It may of been months since you last saw your friend and when you finally get together for a catch up their phone is constantly pinging with notifications of the latests Tweets, Facebook and Intagram posts and WhatsApp messages. It is no surprise that mid-conversation your friend will automatically reach for their phone to see what the latest social news is.

Time to Switch Off

After this latest news hopefully people will start to realise it is time to turn off and time to start focusing on the important things in life which is what is physically around you rather than what is online in the virtual world. It is nice to check once or twice a day on social media to see what friends and family are doing, however those that feel the need to constantly make checks and to always keep their social media up to date with photos and statuses are addicted to their smart phone and social media and need to take a step back to look at what it could be doing to relationships and friendships. With ‘phubbing’ causing high levels of depression it is time to take in what your partner, friend or family member is trying to say as life is too short to ignore one another. Your smart phone and social media accounts should always take second priority compared to your partner, family and friends who should always come first.