Social networking giant Facebook has become a powerful platform for businesses to increase their sales, number of customers, recognition and customer interaction. One way to raise the awareness of your Facebook business page would be by feeding a link of the Facebook page onto the business’ website. This method can help boost the amount of traffic you would receive on both the Facebook page and website. Another technique to elevate awareness would be by sending colleagues and friends the URL of the business’ Facebook page, with the intention that they become fans of the page. Urging your colleagues and friends to share the link to other people would be an additional means of creating further awareness.

Important Facebook page facts

It’s important to make sure the URL of your business’ Facebook page is well thought-out because if it’s a good one it will work well with SEO as your page could rank highly on search engine results. Advertising your business on Facebook will aid in the achievement of objectives that your business wants to obtain through social media. The advertisement is an essential tool in order to promote what your business offers i.e. products or services. It’s an opportunity to showcase products by showing your target market images and videos of the products you’re selling, which makes it fundamental that the videos and images are not set on private so that customers can share them to their friends as a mode to draw to more fans.

Increasing Facebook page visits

The more you advertise the more customers your business is likely to have which will conclude in higher sales and popularity. Stating expectations and giving a brief introduction about your business is great for potential customers to have an idea of what your business is about and why they should like the page. Expressing this is a strategy to attract customers so that they know what your business offers, which will prevent them from feeling as if your advert is misleading. A Facebook business page is a beneficial approach to enhance the engagement a business shares with its customers, for e.g. customers that have enquires can use the page to get answers to their questions. This can potentially create more customer loyalty because customers will feel that the business cares for their concerns and is showing excellent customer service, as a result this will lead them customers to recommending the business to their friends and family. Facebook business pages can be also utilised for updating customers about the latest products coming out soon or new services that will be available, including sales, special offers and competitions. To get confirmation whether your business page is doing well, Google Analytics would be the ideal tool to verify this. It will give information such as how many people have visited the page. Checking the number of clicks made on adverts is another procedure to see the progress of a Facebook page. Another measurement that can be put in place is looking at the amount of people that have become a fan your business on Facebook, so integrating a Facebook feed into your web design is vital..