At MGT Design we understand the importance of social media marketing. Being one of fastest growing industries, we expect to see it grow even further in 2017. More businesses need to understand how important social media is and learn to use it in the same way that the millennial generation does. We have taken a look at the following social media trends to watch out for in 2017.

Social Messaging


When we think of social media we automatically think of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Because of this social messaging seems to get forgotten about, however messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat actually have more users than the main social media platforms. Text messaging and over the top (OTT) messaging are the preferred method of communication for the millennial generation to use. With this information, it is important that in 2017 businesses also use the same approach. Millennials understand the importance of the more personal touch with one to one communication.

It is important to install a chat system onto your website such as JivoChat which allows customers to communicate with you by sending messages this way. On Facebook you can entice your customers to chat to you with the call to action button which visitors can press to open up the chat window. Replies can be sent and received via the Facebook Messenger App. As we get further into the year, more businesses will understand the importance of social messaging rather than just the basics of just using social media and will communicate with customers more this way.

Augmented and Virtual Reality


In 2016 there was a sudden rise in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We had the craze of the Pokemon Go App which allowed us to invite familiar Pokemon players into our lives through Augmented Reality. As you used the App you could meet various characters that would pop up onto your smart phone screens and looked as though they were actually sitting on your mug of coffee. There was then the release of various Virtual Reality headsets such as the PlayStation VR. This took us into the world of Virtual Reality where we could become a part of strange new world and walk into games or even visit various cities and explore new places.

Snapchat allows you to use augmented reality filters which have become very popular in the social media industry and brands can use augmented reality to connect with customers and add a bit of fun to their photos. 75% of millennials are interested in seeing virtual reality expand into social media so keep an eye out as 2017 may be the year that this happens.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots


We are all familiar with artificial intelligence and use Siri as a quick way of asking something like what the weather is like or what song is playing, however artificial intelligence is now being introduced to social media as a way of answering questions in a quick manor. Chatbots are helping businesses out by being there for the customer to talk to and are set up to answer questions and complete online transactions. A third of people like to use chat systems on websites or social media as a form of contact and millennials prefer the self service approach through technology as they feel it is a faster way to resolve customer service issues.

Expect to see more Chatbots throughout 2017 as more businesses begin to understand that this is one of the best ways to communicate with customers, answer questions and solve problems.

Battling Against Fake News


The millennial generation turn to social media to view the latest news, and unfortunately over the years this has led to an increase in fake news. Social media platforms such as Facebook are doing more to stop fake news from appearing on news feeds and have banned particular news outlets from advertising on Facebook.

Germany are looking into fining social media sites that allow fake news to push through the system. If this gets set in place then social media platforms may make it harder for fake news to be released. Millennials are smart though and will usually investigate the web to see if this news is true and if so then they can start sharing the news socially.

Live Streaming


YouTube has always been a great platform for authentic content, capturing real moments for people to view, comment on and share. With the advance in social media, various platforms are now offering the content to be shown in real time with live streaming. Twitter have a live streaming tool called Periscope and Facebook have Facebook Live. This allows users to post about what they are doing with a video so that they can physically show their audience of friends and followers in real time.

Instagram are testing a live video option which will be somthing to look out for in 2017. The Millennial generation are constantly up to date with social media and love live videos showing authentic content. So as a business if you have something to show your customers, then show them with a live video.